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Why Brave Ads Development Is Taking So Long

4 Mar 2019 littleboy $20.28 (11,983.9735 HYDRO)

Almost two years have passed since the Basic Attention Token initial coin offering (ICO). But the main product of BAT ecosystem, "Brave Ads" hasn't been shipped yet. This has certainly made many investors concerned about the future of BAT. I believe...


20 Feb 2019 littleboy $8.92 (5,271.4574 HYDRO)

Golem and SONM are two cryptocurrency projects competing for the high performance distributed computing market. Golem is marketed as a supercomputer whereas SONM advertises itself as a FOG computing platform. The things that both have common are Bloc...

Brave Browser Saves Your Precious Time

9 Feb 2019 littleboy $7.90 (4,667.5359 HYDRO)

Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development at Brave Inc recently made a tweet about how much time people saved using Brave Browser. Here's the tweet: "It's the end of the first month of 2019, time for a stat check.Approaching 5hrs of time saved!How...