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18 Jun 2020 artanax

18 June 2020
What is neo-liberalism? Learn Austrian School.

AttonBank - Investments in various cryptocurrency and in USD. Pays 1% per day from your investment

17 Jun 2020 Goldenix

18 June 2020
How do they achieve that 1% daily? Don´t want to be unpolite, but it looks like a scam proposal. Hope I´ll be wrong. Did you personally withdraw interest to your wallet from them?

StakedWallet : End of Game / Scam confirmed

4 May 2020 CONTACT95

05 May 2020
Hopefully I didn´t invest. Signed up just to explore how did they get the profits they claimed. After a walk around in their site I Spotted a similar behavior pattern as the GOEX crooks, printed in their so called operative processes. I am all invested in Chainlink ($LINK) since early October `19, and really like that project, so would not sell my Link tokens. So I asked for the support to tell if some day they will accept Link tokens and received a question like to "excuse me sir, what is that?" and after telling I received the robot-type "no we only accept ..." A stake bussiness that does not accept Link does not deserve to be on bussiness. Period. I decided they were complete noobs or scammers. And started sending alerts to my crypto pals on Twitter and Telegram. Sorry if could not reach to you before.

The China Hustle - Movie Review

13 Apr 2020 kingscrown

13 April 2020
Have you seen the Stansberry Research´s pundits pumping China in documentaries?

You don't need the next Bitcoin, you only need the next XRP I How to become a millionaire through math

19 Feb 2020 Cryptolohy

22 February 2020
This is not an advice either, but I think the next bitcoin is Chainlink (LINK). Not only because of all the hype it´s undergoing, but it´s alliances with monster companies to implement a lot of it´s advantages and the possibility to take ETH to Visa TPS levels. Just saying. May be not 350,000% from this point, but there is a lot of room up and set for a parabolic move. Remember, this is not an advice.

Will Halving cause a bitcoin dump?

18 Feb 2020 zulonga

21 February 2020
There is a big gravity attraction force around 6.8k and when the time comes there will be a lot of fight near that dip, making flash moves and evaporating over leveraged hands before the real move. I suggest from my own experience that If you´ll be leveraged try to get backed at least to 6.4k.

Chinese digital Yuan will be backed by Bitcoin and/or Gold.

4 Feb 2020 Writerblock

05 February 2020
I will play the role of devil´s advocate here. Remember that China banned Bitcoin, so it is not a bitcoin friendly country. They were forced to devaluate the Yuan on september last year, at the beginnig of the "trade war".After that, their need for US dollars made Xi´s govt. invade Hong Kong (to leverage from the HKD pegged to the USD). The chinese economic indicators were never credible, except for their western marketing people like the Stansberry Research, they do not respect private property in a full excempt - Jack Ma was forced to transfer his shares of and it´s financial firm to five bureaucrats designed by the communist party last year, for "national interest"; also they have a lot of Falun people incarcerated, not a god human rights example at all. So, why should anyone trust China? And finally they had to capitulate in the trade war with USA after USA eliminated Soleimani in Iraq. How? well, China have 400,000 million USD invested in Iran, an american invasion after Soleimani´s incident could blow it, so quickly the iranian regime fell back and China capitulated in the trade war with USA. Due to the new agreement, simply put, China can´t force to USA, Europe or the other commonwealth nations, to pay them in Yuans. I think chinese people should not pay for the fascism of their government but a real revolution, in personal rights, is necessary if they want to lead a new Era, and mixing the banned bitcoin with political ilusions of the commies in the govt and their marketers is not a good stand at all. Bitcoin is, after all, a technological claim for the individual rights. China is far away from it´s essence.

Chinese digital Yuan will be backed by Bitcoin and/or Gold.

4 Feb 2020 Writerblock

05 February 2020
Isn´t Yuan created from thin air?

Best crypto coins to invest in for the tech in 2020

18 Jan 2020 MadMaxx

18 January 2020
I like your list. If talking about expected returns for this year I would add Chainlink (LINK) for it´s partnership w/ Loopring and Google and the expected 160K Tps that could give to Ethereum if they implement as Buterin stated. Other project is BITCOIN-SV (BSV) if it can come clear from the alleged Wright - fund -scam because it is, by now the only Bitcoin-branded coin that can surpass VISA TPS rate.

Mati Greenspan: Two factors affect XRP price cuts

30 Dec 2019 VallGr

30 December 2019
XRP is just fiat crypto.

This is the fair value of Bitcoin and other crypto coins

18 Dec 2019 DoRi

22 December 2019
The fair value of an asset is determined by the value that the buyer is willing to pay for it while the seller is willing to sell. Talking about some sort of objective value is just marxist nonsense.

Morning Drama

12 Dec 2019 Its Bodhi Baby

12 December 2019
A priori it sounds to good to be legit but I´ll give it a try & then comment. Thanks.

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Will Halving cause a bitcoin dump?

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