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I work with civil construction, eletrista, I like dogs, I like sports. I make trades, airdrops, investments in crypto.

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My first Brave Browser Payout - BAT tokens received in May

6 Jun 2019 Mamaecrypto

08 June 2019
I did not receive my BRAVE tokens, a message appeared on the brave rewards saying that brave had no funds to pay, and marked the date for July 7, I'm disappointed, I used the browser for more than 1 month and today it's the day of payment, did not receive, some friends reported the same, did not receive.

DAI: The Decentralized Stablecoin

5 Jun 2019 jwrandolph

06 June 2019
stablecoin is acrypto valuetion . bitcoin down and stable coin up

Bi-Weekly Bounty0x Update —June 5, 2019

5 Jun 2019 Bounty0x

06 June 2019
i make several bountys in this platform , is coll .

Bitcoin “manipulators” at large...

4 Jun 2019 restmode

05 June 2019
bitcoin and alticoins are easily manipulated. in the case of bitcoin, at one point it is at 5,000 and in some days it reaches 9,000, and it is already correcting to less than 7,500, clearly the whales are operating strong and profiting a lot

Everything you need to know about MakerDao and Dai

1 Jun 2019 Zoran Spirkovski

04 June 2019
thanks , the information is important for tokens

BANANO Monthly Update June 2019

1 Jun 2019 banano

03 June 2019
Bananas are a project to invest in. I have a wallet, I do like taps, and I also do porprocessor mining.

Can Smart Contracts and Blockchain tech improve Notary Public ledgers?

2 Jun 2019 Kevin Callaway

03 June 2019
this publication was very explanatory, especially for people who do not know the blockchain and its services. as the author described, the blockchain has come to solve many bureaucratic problems of our outdated society, if for the 1st world countries people feel the desire to take a quick step into the future, imagine people like me who live in Brazil who is a third world country and the bureaucracy to authenticate, validate, recognize documents is very bureaucratic and difficult, in addition to the high fees we pay at the notary's office. the blockchain is already being used for tracking carefour company products, and ordering companies. on the issue of document validation, signature recognition, and company contracts, etc. companies need to build a system that can prevent contract fraud, this is very important.

Syscoin 4.0 Hardfork Launch Date Confirmed: The Countdown is On!

2 Jun 2019 drlove

03 June 2019
great project, we need projects that are connected with users in an easy and interactive way, Syscoin is one of those projects that we can connect

SpankMonthly — June (mildly NSFW)

2 Jun 2019 SpankChain

03 June 2019
nice project , worth stake is important for users an enthusiasts

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