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I'm from Malaysia and currently self-employed and had high interest in Crypto

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Cardano (ADA) Is Surged More Than All Top Coins And Not Stopping Here Get Ready For The Next Pump

5 Jul 2020 moon333

05 July 2020
The other reason seems to be Coinbase adoption of ADA which proved to be the strongest force behind the surge.Any coin adopted by Coinbase will surge at the beginning even though it's just a speculation

Spain extends another 15 days of confinement by the CORONAVIRUS

22 Mar 2020 nicklaus

22 March 2020
Yeah, undoubtedly this covid-19 is the most devastating virus ever in mankind history.I from Malaysia also been affected as well but not as bad as in other countries.Hopefully there will be cure develop as fast as the virus spread.Let's all of us pray to God.

Lawyer Discloses Bitcoin SV’s Craig Wright Has No Bitcoin Private Keys

20 Jan 2020 crypto_moose

20 January 2020
Craig wright is crazy perhaps and no one actually know the real motive behind all this,why would he ruins his own reputation for this as now till this moment I do believe that he is 100% not Satoshi nakamoto

What is

30 Nov 2019 jordanjnr

30 November 2019
Birdchain is a great platform but I got a bad experience when trying to make withdrawal,till now still unable to make a decent withdrawal.Quite bad and the support didn't help either

The Son of Crowdholding

22 Nov 2019 De Gem

22 November 2019
It's true that most startup fail.And it will become an ailments in the long run.Thus in Crowdholding they had their opinion,creation tested and validate.Some are quite successful now like Pynk.So it's time for startup to really made use of the Crowdholding.

Let me share my experience with Nexo

20 Oct 2019 DimitarM

24 October 2019
I always saw this Nexo whenever I open some websites,it makes me curious too about the lending stuff.Luckily I did not try yet.Thanks for the information

Month of September Update: Things are on the YUP!

24 Oct 2019 pheonixdown-dee

24 October 2019
Crowdholding is truly great for new upstart and also for us as member overall.There we're lots of benefits in it

Free Bitcoin Cash BCH Faucet Mobile App (on Android and iOS)

26 Aug 2019 Bitcoin Aliens

26 August 2019
Yeah,I agreed that this faucet is definitely the highest paying BCH faucet available, totally legit

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Paypal, Venmo on Cryptocurrency Involvement — Possible Alternate Ending

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Sports Betting Blockchain Projects | June 2020 Report

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