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Paypal Users Buy 70% of New Bitcoin This Week; Stupid Shills Celebrate

21 Nov 2020 AlucardLife

21 November 2020
It's like gold all goddamn over again Big Banks: "Gold price is dropping! Look at all those people selling gold!" Me: "I don't see anyone selling gold, everyone's been buying." Big Banks: "Actually we own the most gold, we just sold some options, so gold price goes down." Me: "Cool, I want cheap gold, give me some gold." Big Banks: "No, you don't understand, this is not redeemable for gold, it's paper." Me: "So nobody's actually selling gold at a cheap price." Big Banks: "I am, so your gold price is falling." Me: "Okay I want to buy your gold then." Big Banks: "No you don't understand, we're selling it hypothetically. Gold price is dropping so you idiots should sell your gold. But our gold is not for sale, but we will buy your gold at a cheap price." Me: "F you price manipulating garbage then, I'm buying bitcoin!" Paypal: "We'll see how long that'll last Muahahahaha!"

BTC BAM~ The Most Profitable Mining Project is Here

17 Nov 2020 Sabingurung

17 November 2020
FAQ is empty, contact support only by email, claims to be by veterans but don't see any names of public figures. Claims to be partnered with big companies such as Coinbase yet such big news was somehow not revealed by coinbase or anywhere else.

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What is the CME Gap and is it important?

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***This article is not financial advice.  Always consult with a qualified financial advisor before making decisions with your money*** If you are around cryptocurrency social media you have probably come across people talking about the CME gap as an...

Blockchain is good for hodling, but not for voting: Bad Crypto news of the week | CoinTelegraph

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JOEL COMM, the author from CoinTelegraph in his new article said that *Bitcoin continues to move through the gears. The currency is up more than 12 percent over the week and is now playing with the $18,000 mark, and it’s not just the US dollar that...

46% of the ETH amount needed to launch ETH2.0 have been deposited and are ready to stake

22 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments MakeItReal

Excellent news regarding the implementation of Phase 0 of Ethereum 2 as 244,928 ETH have been deposited and are ready to be staked on the next Ethereum mainnet that is expected to be launched on December 1st. I remind everyone that the network needs...

Paypal Users Buy 70% of New Bitcoin This Week; Stupid Shills Celebrate

21 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments AlucardLife

Jesus, I hate these YouTube shills. If you listen to them, they will lead you right back into central bank slavery. But hey, I already promised myself I wasn't going to get mad about humanity any more. As long as I can travel to Dubai and Bali when I...

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Welcome to the Daily Crypto News: A complete News Review, Coin Calendar and Analysis. Enjoy!     🗞 Market Wrap: Bitcoin Hangs Around $18K While Ether Locked in DeFi Declines Bitcoin steadied around $18,000 after record volumes on Wednesday whil...


20 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments Kimster

Hi this is my next post. Create COINBASE wallet with this link  https://www.coinbase.com/join/kristi_g1 What is STAKING? Check this link: https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/what-is-staking I start stake 30.9.2020 with Coinbase and i stake 9,6011...

The last upgrade on Tezos decreased transaction fees: 3,215 transactions on Tezos now cost the same as 1 transaction on Ethereum

20 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments Allen Walters

Last week Tezos had another upgrade which goes by the name of "Delphi". This upgrade improved performance and enabled more complex smartcontracts on mainnet. One of the improvements included lower gas fees per transaction. For Delphi, basic transacti...

Vitalik Sheds Light On ETH 2.0 Development Focus, Benefits and Much More in AMA

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Vitalik Buterin was part of an Ethereum Foundation Reddit AMA conducted on Nov. 17, and provided a lot of insight into ETH 2.0, including how quickly users would see the benefits. The special Phase 0 Genesis Edition of the AMA invited a lot of of qu...

Binance US and Paypal Bitcoin Holders Are Gonna Get REKT

17 Nov 2020 2 minute read comments AlucardLife

If you're buying on the news of bitcoin's march to $16k and the news of Paypal allowing you to buy bitcoin, you can expect to get rekt.  There are people who make money in crypto the ethical way — investing in projects, taking their losses and enjoyi...



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