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Evaluating the Philosophy of Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

4 Apr 2020 Crypto Adventure

07 April 2020
A great write up. You would be surprised how many out there don't actually get this. This is a good primer everyone should read especially newbies in their research relating to the history of money Good job

Holochain (Ceptr): Sovereign Accountable Commons (SACs), an Alternative to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

24 Jan 2020 rhyzom

25 January 2020
Good overview of SACs. Not many ppl understand you don't need global consensus to have a truelly decentralised ecosystem that is infinitely scalable. Well done. Ceptr is mind blowing. Still haven't quite got my head round it despite spending months going through as many docs as I can find

The FATF’s controversial “travel rule” is killing the buzz around the privacy focused digital coins

4 Jan 2020 fklivestolearn

04 January 2020
You should check out dusk network. Privacy of monero and smart contract capability at layer 1 level of eth 😉

Swap Radar - find the best rates on the market

3 Jan 2020 DimitarM

03 January 2020
Good to know. You should also be aware of orion protocol which should go live in q1/q2 2020 which acts as a liquidity aggregator across cex's and dex's. Brilliant idea to consolidate liquidity and improve bid ask spreads and eliminate large manipulation across exchanges given it also has a built in AI which rates exchanges based on reputation and diverts orders to the best spreads automatically.

‘Mining’ Bitcoin takes more energy than mining gold

3 Jan 2020 Boruto

03 January 2020
Good article however it's all relative. You should compare it to electricity usage to power the lights in new York or energy consumption to stream porn globally. It uses same amount as Ireland but around 50 to 70% is renewable or excess energy. Most of farms are actually based in Iceland. However energy used for global streaming of x-rated content accounts for the same as Belgium energy use. Just a thought 😉

The Origin, History and Evolution of Money -The Transition to Cryptocurrency (BITCOIN)

2 Jan 2020 CryptoSorted

03 January 2020
Well done. You will be surprised how many people come into this space or non-investors question its use case without realising 1. History of money; 2. Where bitcoin inherent value if any arises from & 3. That cryptos aren't just ccys but bordlerless virtual economies where cryptos can be used to drive virtually anything. I personally feel that btc will be digital gold and something like holochain which adopt the mutual credit system of money will explode over the next 10 yrs 😁

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