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Kill Zone 2||Movie Review|| One of Best Movie of My Era

10 Sep 2020 Sykt

10 September 2020
I'll watch now. thanks for sharing

Animal Hope Varna

8 Sep 2020 Bulgaria

08 September 2020
You are really doing great work. I appreciate it.

The Rila Monastery

1 Sep 2020 Bulgaria

01 September 2020
wow, very well written. thanks for sharing

The 7 Rila lakes in Bulgaria

31 Aug 2020 Bulgaria

31 August 2020
Thats great. i liked it.


18 Aug 2020 Rajesh Ramdev Ram

18 August 2020
Sure... I'll try bro


18 Aug 2020 Rajesh Ramdev Ram

18 August 2020
I'll share more in next post qiball.


18 Aug 2020 Rajesh Ramdev Ram

18 August 2020
I appreciate you. thank you.

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Animal Hope Varna

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Animal Hope Varna like many yes know I help also honorary in organizations of the animal protection and more. Today I would like to present you a project where it concerns dogs and cats. Unfortunately there are still many street animals in Bulgaria a...

Crypto Website Review: CashFat

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The NEW Crypto Social Network is here? Earn your Universal Basic Income with VID (Value Identity): how to get payed simply by being in a community and publishing vids

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  THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING REALLY BIG?   Hi everybody Publish community, let's talk about a recent exciting project... I'm convinced that if it will continue growin with this rhythm will soon be a top platform. I found the announcement for this ap...

🔥 What would happen if Amazon started accepting Bitcoin?

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Hello! I am doing an Amazon course for my job. The goal is to increase the profit of our sales and I am learning how the Advertising platform of Amazon works, their campaigns, etc. I was wondering what would be the impact of a large marketplace like...

Full List of Basic Attention Token ($BAT) Use Cases

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Basic Attention Token (BAT) is one of the most popular cryptocurrency projects in recent years. It’s the native crypto token for Brave Rewards - the advertising program of Brave Browser. Brave Browser itself is popular among crypto enthusiasts becaus...

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Publish0x: The Road to riches

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The journey to becoming a best author is not an easy road if you are not ready to devote yourself in doing proper and well detailed research and bring the best out of you, as long you are determined to do something greater, then the path will be clea...

Crypto Websites and Apps That Paid Me This 2020! (Part 2)

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Here is the part 2 of my post about the websites and apps that paid me crypto this 2020! Check out my list. 1. Free-Litecoin- This one is unexpected. I never thought I will be paid but I just did! I already had 3 payments from them and I received it...

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Who doesn’t want to get free money, I am pretty sure everyone loves money. The Atomic Wallet has a great offer, its rewarding users of their wallet. After you have to do is download their crypto currency wallet and open a free account. After register...



Im an explorer of crypto earning websites and apps. " Invest what you can afford to lose" "There is nothing permanent in this world even the website that used to be a legit can be a scam" im also going to blog about ways on how to earn money online


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