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11 Aug 2019 wildnblue

11 August 2019
I don't think that forcing to answer a question is the best way of getting the coins. Who would create the question? In the end I want to see more diversity in topics that people are posting about on the site. I think the crypto articles are informative, but i want to see some more content that covers more history, geography, photographs, philosophy...etc. I think this site can be such a great forum for real discussion.

Brave Browser - My First Rewards!

5 Aug 2019 The Part Time Economist

06 August 2019
Its good to see that it is actually working. I only recently activated the rewards function of Brave. Have you tipped anyone yet?

Voluntary Work and Why to Do It

5 Aug 2019

06 August 2019
I have volunteered a couple times in my life and it can be really fulfilling. I just signed up for a new opportunity the other day. Good luck, giving your time is more valuable than many think it will be.

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