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EHrT - Bringing smart NFTs and the Playtable!

7 Oct 2020 6 minute read comments TMod_Marco

What is Eight Hours (EHrT)? Recently, I started to share more information about NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). Chances are, you’ve recently started to hear more about them. Although, I especially read a lot about NFTs on the Ethereum Network. Today, I’d...

Binance Launchpool: Flamingo (FLM) for BNB holders

26 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments PVMihalache

After the success of Bella Protocol and Wing Finances, Binance announced the 3rd project to be launched on the Binance Launchpool platform. Now Binance Coin and Binance USD holders can farm an interoperable, full-stack decentralized finance protocol...

Splinterlands Legendary Card Profile - Phantom of the Abyss

26 Sep 2020 4 minute read comments Chris Roberts

You must beware the deepest blue,for deeper should you swim,The blue will turn to black, and you'llBe at the Phantom's whim. Phantom of the Abyss Splinter - ΛZMΛRÉ Set - Untamed Class - Legendary Phantom Size - The Phantom of the Abyss is not large,...

How Crypto Is Used in Online Gaming

25 Sep 2020 4 minute read comments Allysa19

In this fast-paced world that we live in, cryptocurrency has emerged to be a popular digital asset that is useful for us in many ways. May it be for investing, trading, or for online gaming, crypto has indeed become a great tool to help us with our t...