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My Crypto.com Experience (Crypto Debit Card, Staking, Etc.)

1 Jul 2020 4 minute read comments G://HOSTFIRE

Crypto.com in Recent News I’ve been a customer of Crypto.com since the beginning of 2020 and have finally received my Ruby tier debit card. I thought that a review on my experience with Crypto.com was due, as there has been much controversy surroundi...

How Blockchain Gamers Earn Money (& How You Can Too)

30 Jun 2020 4 minute read comments G://HOSTFIRE

Blockchain Gamers Make Real Money? On June 4th, 2020, Flipside Crypto revealed statistics regarding revenue generated by blockchain gaming. Over $33 million in revenue was amassed by the top 3 games in this new field of technology the past year. Surp...

The Zephyrus G14 with the New AniMe Matrix is FINALLY Coming to the United States

29 Jun 2020 7 minute read comments G://HOSTFIRE

The Gaming Laptop That Turns Heads Ever since the release of the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 design story on YouTube, the G14 has become one of PC Gaming’s most wanted laptops. The G14 is a budget-friendly performance and portability beast that gives the...

[WORLD 1-5] XRP and the 2020 U.S. Elections | The Woke Crypto Podcast

28 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments G://HOSTFIRE

Hey Publish0x Community, Super XRP Bros. here, back like we never left. What's going on? We're excited to bring to you Episode 5 of The Woke Crypto Podcast. We got a crazy episode for you guys where we talk about how the 2020 U.S. Elections will play...

Episodes 1-4 of the Super XRP Bros. Podcast Are Now Available

26 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments G://HOSTFIRE

# Hey Publish0x Community, We're the Super XRP Brothers coming at you like we never left--dishing out enjoyable content regarding our BULLISHNESS for XRP every week in our podcast. Our show is available on YouTube, LBRY, and Spotify, among other pla...