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DentaVox - Paid surveys for the Dental Industry. Earn DCN coin.

17 Aug 2019 DimitarM

11 March 2020
AVOID DENTAVOX. THEY DO NOT PAY. They apologize for avoiding paying the tokens earned through their surveys. They force you to get certified with CIVIC and then they say that they have the doubt that you are a robot and when you ask them for explanations and clarifications about late payment they no longer respond to your requests via email. DON'T LOSE dentavox AND DON'T WASTE TIME WITH THEM

DentaVox - Get paid in crypto for answering surveys

3 Mar 2020 DimitarM

11 March 2020
I firmly believe it's a scam. When you request the first payment they send you an email after several days to ask for confirmation that you are not a robot but a natural person and when you respond to the request by giving the demonstrations they ask for, even after several days the payment remains blocked and no one responds to your mail of explanations. My advice is to avoid dentavox

Automated strategies for forex trading – is it worth it?

6 Mar 2020 Foxhunter

06 March 2020
Hi Hunter24. I partially agree with you about automated strategies because this is not always the case. I just want to make a contribution to your discussion. Together with two friends we are creating one of those strategies that we will not put on sale on the internet, so it is not my intention to advertise. We have been working on it for almost two years and today we can almost say that we are satisfied with the results we are getting. With the last test done in demo with an account opened on February 19, 2020 we are today March 6 - therefore 15 days of operations - with a profit of 28.2% with a current Profit factor of 126.40. Soon we will open in real because our labors are over. But you are certainly right when you say that the situation is very different when you consider robots taken from the internet. Hi.

The Year Of The Trident - MC20 Marks A New Era For Maserati.

22 Feb 2020 ZackNorman97

22 February 2020
.... "may not have the best reputation for quality or reliability" .... You could have spared this statement! Just because Italian cars have no reputation, I want to remind you that FERRARI has been recognized as the NUMBER 1 IN THE WORLD just as a reputation among companies and NOT ONLY among the automotive ones. So what are you talking about ?? Do we want to talk about primary German car companies that have reported false exhaust fumes data?

⛓️- BLOCKCHAIN: the last lifeline for our Planet - 🌐 Blockchain VS Planet -1-

14 Feb 2020 mikitaly

14 February 2020
Riflessioni molto interessanti; ti ringrazio per averle condivise.

Vino Italiano- Brunello Di Montalcino - DOCG- Toscana - Italia

7 Feb 2020 Vinoitaliano1

07 February 2020
Ottima esposizione per uno dei migliori e rappresentativi prodotti italiani nel mondo e soprattutto uno dei moltissimi prodotti made in Italy che il mondo ci invidia

Publish0xTutorials - Creating A Secure Homemade Hardware Wallet

6 Feb 2020 Smoljanović

06 February 2020
Your contributions are always very interesting and very understandable, even for those who are not particularly expert. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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