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23.09.2019 - Startujemo BAKKT

23 Sep 2019 3 minute read 0 comments Getron

Danas nam je jako važan dan u Kripto svetu: BAKKT bude regulisan od strane regulatora ! Jako je važno dešavanje za sve one koji se bave Kripto valutama, a najviše Bitcoin-om, jer je to najvažnija Kripto valuta našeg vremena, a BAKKT se odnosi na Bitc...


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How do you like your IoT these days?  How about "crypto-fitted" with some #RaspberryPI,  #honeycombOS and #IOTA 's #Hornet node anyone? For those with an IoT "uber geek" appetite, there is now a really fast, low cost way to add crypto into your IoT p...

Things Google did to F*ck Bitcoin

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"Google is just GOOGLE". A multinational technology company (a wholly-owned sub diary of Alphabet) who provides internet-related technology services and products that include google search, Gmail, google docs, YouTube, google cloud and many more proj...



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