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The Sudden Surge Of Binance Coin (BNB) - Are You Aware Of It?

25 Mar 2019 3 minute read fycee $0.05 tipped

Yesterday, March 24, 2019 this Cryptocurrency from Binance, one of the top trading site / exchanger has hit the highest exchange value this 2019 with US$17.33 (data from coinmarketcap.com). Were you able to secure a great amount of profits since the...

Lost or Forgotten Password - A Major Problem In The Online World

25 Mar 2019 4 minute read fycee $0.01 tipped

Keeping your accounts safe and changing your passwords every once in a while should really be done to protect your accounts whether it is on social media, your email, your trading accounts access, and all of your important sites created.   The Import...

How To Overcome Challenges - Shared By An Unsuccessful Person

23 Mar 2019 6 minute read fycee $0.22 tipped

Challenges in our life are often mistaken by the hardships that we encounter. Overcoming these struggles are the ones which will make us feel triumphant after experiencing stress and pressure from the full efforts we put ourselves with. This topic is...

I Love To Post Awareness For Everyone - Coinbase Scheduled Maintenance (March 22, 2019)

21 Mar 2019 1 minute read fycee $0.01 tipped

There would be no exchanges at this point where we can buy and sell digital assets in Coinbase. Just for everyone to be aware of though this will only be a very short pause to our trading activities, at least we are already aware of the glitches we m...

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - A Memorable Trading Experience For Me

21 Mar 2019 3 minute read fycee $0.80 tipped

It has a word "Cash" beside the top cryptocurrency itself. We all need to generate income in whatever aspect but definitely not to be greedy. Earning a little bit over what we spent for our day to day living is an ideal way of earning money to save u...

I Love Travelling - Majestic Views In El-Nido, Palawan

20 Mar 2019 2 minute read fycee $0.02 tipped

Going to different places and discovering each of their featured sceneries is the one thing I really love doing. As a part of my "Know More About Me" Section of the topics that I share to my fellow bloggers, I am proud to promote this adventurous get...

I Love Pets - Filming An Angry Dog Looking At Himself

17 Mar 2019 1 minute read fycee $0.02 tipped

This is a funny video. You may also use this clip to start playing over and over again to repel trespassers from your property! I am seeking for the support of my fellow Publish0x bloggers to click on the video. Thank you so much for this effort you...

Why Should We Hire You? | Interview Question

15 Mar 2019 3 minute read fycee $0.03 tipped

During job interviews, whenever you are asked this question, it is a make-it or break-it moment whether the assessor will continue the interview for your chance to be hired or to stop from there and proceed to another candidate. Why Should We Hire Y...

Captian Marvel - Not A Spoiler Alert But My Reaction To The Movie

12 Mar 2019 1 minute read fycee $0.03 tipped

I watched Captain Marvel 2019 and truly, it is a superb feeling after watching the movie. My time is really not wasted as it is action-packed-filled since start till the end. I recommend it to everyone who is fond of superheroes and women empowerment...

PreSearch Token - Earn Money By Searching Keywords

11 Mar 2019 1 minute read fycee $0.02 tipped

If we can utilize this site just like what we are doing with google everytime we are searching for something and start earning from the words we enter in the search bar then this is really a great platform to earn in a legit and constant way. Let's a...