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Is It The Start Of The Bull-Run Or Just Another Bull-Trap?

1 week ago fycee $0.61 (113.4773 BNTY)

Looking at the price of our crypto-holdings over and over again on the exchangers, coinmarketcap, blockfolio along with the social media notifications from our friends that we are now experiencing this exciting "Bull-Run", it makes us think if this i...

Factom (FCT) - Data Integrity Protocol

2 weeks ago fycee $6.11 (1,139.7633 BNTY)

Who uses it? The Factom® Protocol is Blockchain-based technology utilized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Melinda Gates Foundation (Bill Gates' Wife's project). With a limited supply of 9-Million units, if the source of this digital c...

Binance Hacked Aftermath: It's NOT A Really Big Deal So Get Over It!

2 weeks ago fycee $1.76 (327.2768 BNTY)

It has been all over the social media yesterday and even the whole day today, a lot of people have posted on their walls that Binance was hacked and lost 7,000 Bitcoin (BTC) or $41 Million. I guess most people are really clinging to its popularity ge...