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I Love Pets - Filming An Angry Dog Looking At Himself

17 Mar 2019 fycee $0.05 (9.9204 BNTY)

This is a funny video. You may also use this clip to start playing over and over again to repel trespassers from your property! I am seeking for the support of my fellow Publish0x bloggers to click on the video. Thank you so much for this effort you...

Why Should We Hire You? | Interview Question

15 Mar 2019 fycee $0.09 (15.8827 BNTY)

During job interviews, whenever you are asked this question, it is a make-it or break-it moment whether the assessor will continue the interview for your chance to be hired or to stop from there and proceed to another candidate. Why Should We Hire Y...

Captian Marvel - Not A Spoiler Alert But My Reaction To The Movie

12 Mar 2019 fycee $0.07 (12.3543 BNTY)

I watched Captain Marvel 2019 and truly, it is a superb feeling after watching the movie. My time is really not wasted as it is action-packed-filled since start till the end. I recommend it to everyone who is fond of superheroes and women empowerment...