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Cryptocurrency Pairing - The Very Basic Of Trading

5 days ago fycee $1.41 (281.1293 BNTY)

Just like the basic principle to gain profits is to Buy LOW and Sell HIGH. The very concept of crypto pairing is the correlation of your chosen Digital currency against another Digital currency or the most frequently used is the Fiat currency which i...

The Crypto Flash Crash - Pure Manipulation?

1 week ago fycee $1.40 (280.0955 BNTY)

After the slow pump and the thought of the "Bull-Run" period, now a flash-crash? Then drama begins! It has really been an amazing feeling knowing that your digital assets have already grown up to 50% from the price you bought BTC and other coins a we...

$77 Billion Added To Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Within Seven Days During This Bull-Run Period

1 week ago fycee $0.93 (185.8141 BNTY)

According to CoinMarketCap Statistics, as almost everyone now have agreed to be in the Bull-run period, the Market Capitalization of Bitcoin along with the entire cryptocurrencies now have $263 Billion from last week's $186 Billion in U.S. Dollar Val...