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I’m a polymath and a rōnin scholar. That is to say that I enjoy studying many different topics. Find more at http://danielgoldman.us

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Daniel Goldman

People Are Too Obsessed with Money

8 Sep 2019 2 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

People want more money. It's not just people working at fast food joints, wanting increases in minimum wage, or politicians who promote minimum wage hikes, as if they're the solution to poverty, but a lot of cryptoasset projects focus too heavily on...

The Fifth and Tenth Amendments

6 Sep 2019 6 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

In order to understand government and law, in the United States, we must understand the constitution, but if there are two provisions in the constitution which are of supreme importance, it is the fifth and tenth amendments. Here’s why. The Fifth Ame...

Pawedcast in Print Episode #51: The Forge

5 Sep 2019 3 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Bullet Points Reminder that the team is working on upgrades to the tavern and the raid system Items will soon be listed based on their "power level" More details on item recycling and upgrade systemsDust is the core item needed to upgrade or "refine"...

Moving Beyond the Wild West of Blockchain and Crypto Technologies

3 Sep 2019 3 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

In usual business operations, we rely on various safeguards to protect our property and livelihoods. We rely on credit scores to identify risky behavior, and while they're not perfect, the general idea behind them is useful. We also rely on arbiters...

The Interplay Between Liquidity and Adoption of Investments and Other Assets

2 Sep 2019 2 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Economic theory is complicated, and theories about money and other related assets are no different. With the rise of cryptoassets, things become even more complicated. There seems to be a bit of a debate as to whether liquidity breeds adoption or ado...

Belacam’s New Storefront

31 Aug 2019 2 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Every good crypto-based platform needs some internal uses for their token. Belacam just added another use for BELA with their storefront. One of the problems with so many cryptoassets in the world is that they were created for the sole purpose of f...

As a Content Facilitator, Medium Must Become More Neutral and Transparent

22 Aug 2019 10 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Question: Does Medium focus too much attention on its own projects, at the expense of the majority of their writers? Medium has a lot of great authors. Some of these authors are very popular. However, a lot of their continued popularity stems from...

Pawedcast in Print Episode #50: The Tweaks

22 Aug 2019 4 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Bullet Points Reminder: there was no episode last week because there wasn't enough content to cover in a podcast. Cuthos info should drop soon. 100,000th cutie on Ethereum was recently born. More quality of life changes, including bug fixes. The goal...

If Loot Boxes are Attacked Legislatively, I'm Leaving TCGs

19 Aug 2019 2 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Loot boxes are a popular game mechanic which generates revenue for companies that produce games. Recent legislation threatens them. But it also threatens trading card games. I’ve been playing TCGs for a number of years. My first MTG purchase was a...

How Criminalizing Holocaust Denial Brings Us Closer to Fascism

17 Aug 2019 5 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Europe is horribly embarrassed by the events of the holocaust, and its governments should be. However, in response to this past, European governments have implemented policies which echo the oppressive regimes of the past. Antisemitism, along with...