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I’m a polymath and a rōnin scholar. That is to say that I enjoy studying many different topics. Find more at http://danielgoldman.us

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Daniel Goldman

Token Health Starts at the Community Level

23 Feb 2020 4 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

I'm interested and hold several tokens issued by various projects. Some of these tokens are doing well, while others are doing fairly poorly, in terms of purchasing power. Many have argued that a lack of exchange listings is the problem. And admitted...

Introducing Token Forging (World Builder)

19 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

As previously mentioned, World Builder isn't a single project. It's an ecosystem. It's a think tank and incubator that will launch several projects, and help other people launch their own projects as well. To create a more unified system, and to crea...

Setting up an Email List

31 Jan 2020 1 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

It’s kind of funny that with all the technology, different social media platforms out there, and so on, email is still one of the most powerful ways to connect with people online. The centralized nature of email makes it perfect for marketing and com...

A New Quora Space for Writing Questions

16 Jan 2020 1 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Just a quick memo. I want to help the writing community grow and prosper. And since I'm fairly platform agnostic, I have a number of different locations where I'm working to improve the community. One of them is now Quora. You can follow the new Quor...

Is publish0x Really Crypto Agnostic?

15 Jan 2020 1 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

A common point that Igor makes in discussions about the platform is that it is crypto agnostic. And it's true that it currently supports a number of different tokens. More importantly, it does not have its own token and so there is less conflict of i...

Tron: A Useful Technology Which Suffers From a Poor Image

6 Jan 2020 4 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

The Tron blockchain has been a successful fork of the Ethereum network. It offers numerous advantages, including cheaper gas fees. But it is unfortunately seen as inferior, and even a scam. Part of the problem rests with the Tron Foundation itself, a...

NPR and the Johnson Amendment

4 Jan 2020 3 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Many people think that the Johnson Amendment is about religion, but it’s not. It’s about politics. And NPR constantly ignores it. The Johnson Amendment seems to come up in political discussions a lot. The amendment, named after Lyndon B. Johnson, t...

Global Wealth Potential from Solar Energy

1 Jan 2020 4 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

If Earth were a closed system, economics would be a zero, or worse a negative sum game. Luckily it’s not. A common argument against the ability for life to exist is that the second law of thermodynamics states that entropy increases within a closed...

Returning to the Gold Standard is Foolish

28 Dec 2019 5 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

It's also brilliant. In 1933, the US government wanted full control over the ability to manipulate and create its currency, and so it largely abandoned the gold standard. No country in existence today relies on the gold standard. Some argue that th...

Ghosted by Heated, “A publication from Medium x Mark Bittman”

11 Dec 2019 3 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

How unprofessional behavior at one of Medium’s official publications left me with a great deal of disappointment.   Ever been ghosted? You just stop getting any communication from the person, with no word whatsoever. This is the story of my experie...