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I’m a polymath and a rōnin scholar. That is to say that I enjoy studying many different topics. Find more at http://danielgoldman.us

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Daniel Goldman

Welcome to The B.C.U. Times

26 Jun 2019 1 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Thank you so much for checking out The B.C.U. Times. This publication and newspaper was created because I wanted to get a head start on providing up to date news on events happening in the Blockchain Cuties world. And by that I mean events in the act...

The Science and Mathematics of Blockchain Cuties Breeding

25 Jun 2019 6 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Genetics Cutie genetics are fairly different from regular genetics. The BC wiki already covers most of the basics needed for this discussion. The main point to cover here is that a gene refers to a specific trait. Alleles are specific versions of a g...

Moving Beyond Government with Cryptoassets and Blockchain

24 Jun 2019 5 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

For the last 10,000 years or so, government has served a purpose. But it’s no longer needed. Now is the era of blockchain governance. I’ve been pushing for blockchain and cryptoasset based alternatives to much of what government does, for quite s...

The Need for Better UX in Crypto

23 Jun 2019 3 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are great, but the ability to send tokens to the wrong address, often with no way to reverse the transaction, is a real problem. Here’s a solution that doesn’t involve changing the platform itself. So earlier this...

Medium Follow Friday: Poetry and Fiction

21 Jun 2019 3 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

  This week’s Follow Friday focuses on poetry, fiction, and some literary theory as well. Medium doesn’t do much to support poetry or fiction on its platform. And it’s true that in many ways, Medium is a journalism platform rather than a general bl...

Haiku: Cryptocurrency Fun

20 Jun 2019 1 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Government hates them. Cryptocurrencies such wow. So should I hodl? Cryptocurrency draws a lot of debate. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Some people don’t have a clue what it is or how it works. I think cryptocurrency is the future of mo...

Why Is Science Such a Powerful Tool?

18 Jun 2019 3 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

Humans are inherently subjective creatures. We view our world in a very subjective way, and evolution even suggests that we haven’t evolved to view the world as it is. Instead, we rely on heuristics that allow us to make rapid decisions. Unfortunatel...

A Screwed up View of Religion

16 Jun 2019 5 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

  I’ve been writing about religion for a while now. It’s an interesting topic. But I find that there’s a lot of misunderstanding surrounding religion, both in terms of how laypeople view it, and even in terms of how scientists approach the topic. Jus...

[Flash Fiction Prompt] I Am a Cure for Cancer

16 Jun 2019 2 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

I was doing some research in my lab last year, when I noticed that even a small drop of blood completely eliminated cancer from one of my mice. I continued to do some testing, and then more testing, and then even more. People tend to think of ca...

The Sound of Plants Screaming: Some level of awareness in plants seems to exist. But we might be too kingdomist to realize it.

15 Jun 2019 5 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

There’s a great divide between plants and animals, that seems to only exist within the minds of ignorant humans. Perhaps because humans are themselves animals, they tend to see animals as more like themselves, and therefore give them privileges that...