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Mastering Basic Attention Token (BAT)

23 May 2020 Ruma

05 July 2020
I use brave browser but I get nothing I don't know what happen

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GREATEST 3 Ancient Travellers

2 Jul 2020 2 minute read comments TheProfessor

" If you think adventure is dangerous try routine life, it is lethal"                  .Paulo Coelho  The following 3 travellers of ancient world in spite of all the adversities and dangers somehow gathered the courage to hit the roads quite literall...

Bookmarks Added to Publish0x: Due to Popular Demand You can Now Save Posts You Love!

19 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments Igor Tomić

Many of you have asked that we implement bookmarks on Publish0x. You wanted a way to: Bookmark good poss so you can easily find and read them later when you have more time. Bookmark posts so that you can come back to them over and over again. If you...

Publish0x Q2 Update: Multiple QOL Updates and Continuous Growth

8 Jun 2020 5 minute read comments Igor Tomić

It's been about three months since the last update, and it's due time for a new one. Here's what we've been up to in the last three months - from multiple "Quality of Life" type updates to make using Publish0x more pleasant for both users and authors...



I am a PhD scholar and Assistant Professor of Tourism and Hospitality with 15 years of experience in the industry and academia. I love publishing content on Travelling, Tourism and Hotels.