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Travel Portugal - Quinta da Regaleira

3 Oct 2020 portugal

04 October 2020
I have been there last year. Magical place.

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Being Thankful

26 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments cMasta

Despite the market crash, today is a good day to be thankful for the tangible things that you have, like your family, friends, and perhaps your physical possessions. I'm thankful for my beautiful daughter, in particular, as well as the privilege of h...

CoinMarketCap Campaign: "Learn & Earn Orchid" [My responses included]

22 Nov 2020 3 minute read comments katerinaramm

  New Learn and Earn Campaign by CoinMarketCap! Yesterday, as I was preparing my post about the new CoinMarketCap campaign "10,000 BTC to be Won" I saw a very small, tiny banner on the top of the page :) Take part in our latest crypto Earn event! 🌺...

The Publish0x Payout BOYCOTT!!!

9 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments MaddCryptoDogg

But Why?   So the title might be a little ambiguous considering Publish0x, but that might be what drew you in to read this. I decided that to both support the Publish0x teams decision to switch to monthly payments as well as to reduce the gas fee's t...



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