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i'm just an ordinary people and teacher at Education High School in Indonesia

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NEO EcoBoost The $100M Fund That Aims to Support The Development of DAPPS And BlockchainGames on The Neo Ecosystem

28 Jul 2019 egamersio

29 July 2019
would you please make a list about websites or application that can give us crypto for free without any initial capital and no need to deposit first, ???

Introducing Camo BANANO - BANANO's Privacy Layer!

10 Jun 2019 banano

10 June 2019
Finally the day is coming ....i'll be paranoid monkey too.... For hiding my ....... Banano.... Hahahhahha

Does ETN Price Equal Failure? 🤔 Feat. XRP

30 May 2019 Electroneum United

31 May 2019
ETN is another fail coin for.investment, and after all is a POW coin.better buy some on DAG coin like nano or banano, near instant and feeless, with the best technology than all other POW and POS coin.

Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Games

18 May 2019 egamersio

19 May 2019
You are rock man..... Great stuff... I hope you can make other stuff like this especially in game based on blockchain. What about the walkthrough.... For every game that had you played.

Why China ‘banning’ Bitcoin mining should be considered old news

12 Apr 2019 Blockspectator

12 April 2019
Another fud with same old stories, so that can buy low..sell higher

Some Sites to Get Free Cryptocurrency From

11 Apr 2019 Holukai

12 April 2019
Great another article, it can broadcast the features of blockchain technology by this activity

Faucet Pay 1000 satochis every 15 minutes to Faucethub + 50 % referral commission

12 Apr 2019 elduque

12 April 2019
Another scam faucet, why it is even published :(

Lisk | A true competitor to Ethereum

5 Apr 2019 Blockspectator

12 April 2019
C++, Java script, both that programming language is hard to be mastering, why not just use waves mainnet, it is the easiest way for make new token.;)

“Unhackable” Product Claims are a Fiasco Waiting to Happen

10 Apr 2019 Matthew Rosenquist

12 April 2019
The best wallet and secured is still PAPER WALLET imo

Enhance your Crypto transactions with Wirex Crypto card.

10 Apr 2019 Tinewton

11 April 2019
hopefully it can be realized soon

A Short Trip to Old Kenjeran Beach

11 Apr 2019 happyphoenix

11 April 2019
What about the Atlantis Surabaya, make a review please ...:)

Uptrennd — The New Social Media Platform Taking Crypto by a Storm

11 Apr 2019 Cryptounicorn

11 April 2019
Another graet project, thank you for your information :)

How Blockchain can be used for a free and fair Elections

11 Apr 2019 dtwo

11 April 2019
One thing that is difficult to implement in blockchain-based elections is the need for many people and resources who understand this technology. without a basic understanding of blockchain technology, I don't think it will work. imagine if the maker of the blockchain system can personally generate a private key and then change the results of the election. It takes auditors and resources in the IT field who understand well about Blockchain technology because in a blockchain-based selection system there should not be the slightest mistake. Failure is not an option :)

Has Ethereum's Constantinople Hardfork Really Worked?

7 Apr 2019 Sal Miah

11 April 2019
I'm still doesn't undertand, ETH was going slow and slow, bad on scalability, it's getting worse than TRON, EOS, Stellar even with waves.. Why the DEV not lowering gwei and gas price. Also on programming language it's still hard to be understanding. :(

Rapid Growth of BANANO and Latest Rise in Attention to the BANANO Miner Faucet

29 Mar 2019 banano

10 April 2019
you can check @ discord app there are many faucet with scheduled activities, also @telegram with so many quizzess and tip.

Spectrecoin + Amsterdex = The Full Anonymous Trading Experience!

8 Apr 2019 Amsterex.com

10 April 2019
Is there any airdrop / free coin , so that can get more people knowing your project?

Publish0x Beta Review

5 Apr 2019 LiteLiger

10 April 2019
Thank you for your explanation, now we can understand the history of this project

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