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Brave Browser shaking the "big sharks" and made Microsoft adapt their Edge Browser to adopt a privacy and rewards program.

1 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments alberdioni8406

Brave Browser is the best privacy focused tool, decentralized and with and excellent Rewards program that, with a user database that is increasing day after day, and now also centralized browsers service as the Edge Browser, from Microsoft is offerin...

Important Dummies Lessons From The Cryptocurrency Market Part One

1 Feb 2020 6 minute read comments Rubikav®

We know that some people are new to this market. That is why we have decided to share a small course for dummies that we are receiving from masterthecrypto. This introductory space will also work as a guide for many who are some lost on this new worl...

Why VPN is a must-have for crypto trading?

31 Jan 2020 2 minute read comments ChangellyOfficial

With the development of the data mining, people can be monitored everywhere, starting with surfing the web and ending with using a credit card and conducting other online transactions. However, using cryptocurrency for payment makes it possible to ke...