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I finally succumb to the temptation of learning and earning about cryptocurrency. So any good tips im willing to listen.

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How Can Move Forward

17 Oct 2020 scythenoz

18 October 2020
I have to agree, Celsius is fantastic and I believe its a doing a good job of keeping their community informed on a weekly basis and their interest rates are fantastic.

BRAVE is growing, BUT...

14 Oct 2020 Boots4083

14 October 2020
I have become disillusion with the rewards program, but im quite happy with the browser itself. I think the rewards program may kill off the incentives for people joining as I haven't received any rewards in 5 days. I guess time will tell to see what happens with Brave or the bat token.

Brave Search engine going nowhere

8 Oct 2020 Crackers

09 October 2020
I have converted all of my BAT into XRP as on the 12th of december whatever XRP coins you have in addition you will get 1:1 Spark tokens. There are only 8 exchanges supports this so far including Celcius.

Brave Search engine going nowhere

8 Oct 2020 Crackers

08 October 2020
i sold all of my BAT coins. The amount of BAT received for September is woeful.

Austrian Bundesliga analysis and prediction of 4 october 2020

4 Oct 2020 bitcoin000

04 October 2020
good tips mate, so in return i tipped you ;-)

Austrian championship analysis and prediction of 26 september 2020

26 Sep 2020 bitcoin000

26 September 2020
I think Wien rapid will win against St. Polten but lets see who will win. When is te game being played? Will it be shown on ORF? cheers

Let’s Simplify Things! Brave browser! Update on the issues with Brave browser.

23 Sep 2020 DrYunani

24 September 2020
completely agree with you. if there was another competitor that was also offering free crypto for surfing the web, people would be jumping ship.

Let’s Simplify Things! Brave browser! Update on the issues with Brave browser.

23 Sep 2020 DrYunani

24 September 2020
I completely agree with you. Im a big supporter of the BAT project and I also noticed the same behaviours as you experienced. I believe if it continues like this, they will lose many people believing in the BAT project. But I guess time will tell and hopefully it improves over the next months.

What to do in an Uncertain Market? Buy, Hold, or Sell

24 Sep 2020 Superstar

24 September 2020
really good investment advice ;-)

Portuguese Castles - Ourem Castle

11 Sep 2020 portugal

11 September 2020
Looks like a beautiful place. Tipped you ;-)

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BRAVE is growing, BUT...

14 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments Boots4083

Until now I can see and heard only positive thing about brave. I can only say yes, the project is great, build around a great community of people, it is noble, BUT... I am sure all of you have notice that BAT reward decreased, significantly. Where co...

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