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13 Oct 2020 binz do

13 October 2020
"Metamark" wallet? Can I assume that's a typo and you were referring to Metamask, or do we have another wallet to deal with now, lol?

Matic Network Contact Tracing App (Tracy) & Bill Gates Cryptocurrency Patent W060606 – COVID 19 H.R. 6666 Bill (TRACE)

18 May 2020 Perry1

19 May 2020
Not one for big, overarching conspiracies, but bill gates developing tech that monitors all my biomotor activity in real time and encodes some kind of judgement based on that into a blockchain? Yeah, can't help but imagine scenarios where plebs like me will be wired up with sensors like this, transmitting our every move and energy/neurochemical expenditure negotiating our salary in units of calories burned performing the labour + some percentage on top of that... The Bawse: "Look Cryptarch, I can't do 20%, I'll be honest with you, you aren't worth 20%, not anymore...maybe 20 years ago, but not now. Best I can do is Calories burned plus 10%, paid in RoachmilkPlus, or I can do cals burned plus 15% paid in MaggnaMeal (maggot and mealworm) paste." Me: "I should really take the MaggnaMeal...but Roachmilk? I haven't had RoachMilk in months...what'd you say, it's Roachmilk plus? What's the "plus" about?" Bawse: "Filtered through finer mesh, so there's hardly any solid roach parts left bigger than a grain of sand, at least that's what they say, and triple the sweetener. 'Parently takes almost all the bitterness out."

Are Faucets worth it?

27 Jan 2020 Phil Skinner

28 January 2020
Faucets are ok for as long as you have no other method of obtaining cryptos or resources to invest. While some of them can be utilized in clever ways that make better use of your time, the truth is that you'll usually earn 40-100 times more bitcoin if you literally just go mow a lawn or shovel a driveway and buy some crypto with that money instead. If you happen to be lucky enough to have a network/audience, or the raw grit and guile to do affiliate marketing from scratch, you can build up some passive income, but that's a very small minority of people.

KYC/AML is getting off the rail

28 Jan 2020 Creepto

28 January 2020
Absolutely agree. I get why some KYC is ncessary and desireable for the process of mainstreaming crypto, but this is long past getting excessive. It's bad enough that social media and email sites are increasingly demanding personal phone numbers (link to actual human identity) and similar datapoints just to send tweets on twitter or have a damn webmail account. My personal intuition is that all these companies are doing this for 2 reasons: 1/ Pre-Emptively sucking the **** of any and all regulators who might use thier pwer to put the kibosh on thier dreams of becoming billionaires. They're doing this by serving up their customers & Investors on a silver platter, and are primarily rely on THEIR greed & fomo to overcome the resistance/hesitation to comply with excessive kyc. They are largely correct in thier assessment here. 2/ Following the same surveillance-capitalism model, as much by status-quo momentum as anything, that social media and other tech megamonopolies have used for the last couple decades ( a profit-motivated bad faith abuse of the public trust via obscurantism and fine-print), harvesting any and every data-point they can for the purposes of algorythmic analysis and sale to other entities. You know this stuff is all going to be used to build social credit systems, and to make you MORE of a slave to big-finance, not less, which was the big ideological/philosophical promise of crypto - Financial Emancipation via Decentralization and Anonymization. We're going to get the convienience, and that's it. Give me Convienience, Or Give Me Death, lmao. Otherwise it's shaping up to be just like it always has been : us plebs are bought, sold, and traded like heads of cattle before we even get to step on the playing field.

Should you use trading bots?

28 Jan 2020 MadMaxx

28 January 2020
I've decided that I'm going to try my hand at learning how to competently use a trading bot. My starting baseline standard for "competence" will be to run the bot without losing money ( unforseeable market anomalies and black swan type events that will catch most traders off-guard aside). I'm going to be extremely conservative about the amount of` crypto I hand over control of until I can manage statistically profitable and repeatable results, with the ultimate objective being a reliable method of squeezing a little bit more out of my coins and automating basic maneuvers to maintain or increase value when I'm absent. As long as I can find a system that produces better than staking and lending I'll call it a win.

LocalCryptos Review [2020] Best Alternative to LocalBitcoins

26 Jan 2020

28 January 2020
Yes, found them just within the last month, likely going to set up a small account to test the service. A cool feature I found particulartly interesting was the ability to buy and sell NEXO token/shares, in addition to the usual plethora of options standarad to the format.

Is Pundi X (NPXS) A Good Investment? In-depth Analysis and Near to Longer-Term Expectations.

6 Nov 2019 Mr.CryptoWiki

28 January 2020
Thanks, been looking for a little more sources of info on this one.

I had Fun Setting Up my Blocknet Environnement

3 Jan 2020 Chesatochi

03 January 2020
It's been dissapointing to see just how eagerly the big players in crypto have jumped onboard with extensive KYC and Central Bank style policies, though in retrospect I suppose it seems obvious. Something that was supposed to break humanity's financial shackles more often than not now asks you for a personal cell phone number just for a basic sign up, let alone to actually withdraw something. Deposits, of course, require no KYC. Why should I want to give company X, who has a side deal with data harvester Y, who's probably a direct conduit to satan himself, or even worse the cia, a personal phone number that's atached to an imei number on a device that I presumably carry with me everywhere I go? Just so I can LOOK at thier platform, without actually accessing it's functionality? It's surveillance capitalism garbage, haversting data points for the panopticon. Some say that I need to stop being an idealistic anarchist about this stuff, and while I understand where they're coming from, they've botched the diagnosis. I'm hostile toward this stuff because I'm a realist, and a reactionary.

Can EOS save its blockchain castle from the mysterious attack?

20 Dec 2019 paragism

31 December 2019
Clever & fascinating demonstration of a vulnerability with blockchains/smart contracts. Do you get the impression that the creator of this thing could have been much less kind than they actually were, like could they have made this thing alot more destructive if they'd wanted to, or does it seem like they went for the highest damage setting they were capable of building into it?

Is it worth it to buy into Bitcoin, specifically?

19 Dec 2019 DragoNate

21 December 2019
Me too, totally haven't done a single one of the things I recommended above, and have been in a similar dilema as you re: my portfolio, should i switch into btc and how much of what alts should i sacrifice to do it. Albeit the stakes aren'theart-attack high for me, I just got back in a month or so agao and the whole crypto portfolio is still under 500 bucks total value. Decided to sell half my tron for btc, cause it held it's value relative to btc within a few percentage points, meaning that I'd at least get the same number of satoshis I'd have got the prior week. Plenty of room to get in the green if/when btc rises, and if it don't, it looks like tron's likely to follow that ship down anyhow. I think it was a good play. Got lucky and bought a bit of BTC within 200 dollars of the bottom too, paying usdt... then sold it for usdt a day later when prices were up a grand or so. Long story short, im winging it and playing on instinct, lmao. Marginally better than gambling, but not by much. I did manage to mitigate most of the impact of the last week of downtrend, keeping my account's usd value the same by way of wheeling and dealing....but if i were into serious money here, like thousands, I'd probably be calling myself an idiot if I didn't have a little more of a plan in place for stuff like this. Index assets might be worth looking into as a way to bet on the whole cryptomarket without having to micromanage each currency in your profile.

Is it worth it to buy into Bitcoin, specifically?

19 Dec 2019 DragoNate

20 December 2019
This seems like a situation where a dilligent, shewd investor will have done some research into different methods of organizing a portfolio, and have some calculations, rough or precise, to give him some approximation of what percentage of his alts he could sell for bitcoin when presented with these situations. Yes, you hedge yourself out of the "All-In" payday depending on how much youdecide to play it safe/conservative, but you also avoid wondering if you can hit terminal velocity by jumping out of your 14th floor office put it dramatically, but realistically, lol. That's why you do the calculations/research ahead of time, so you have a plan to follow when you get to now, rather than risking making some shitty fomo-based horrible descision.

888TRON A Possible Scam Site?

14 Mar 2019 LiteLiger

27 November 2019
I've lived on the streets, and had substance issues for a while, so I've had to develop some reasonably good instincts in order to not get ripped off, beaten up, or killed by some of the people I had to associate with. If there's one thing that gets MY spidey senses tingling every time`it's when people take offence at your suspicion or wariness, especially when it's YOUR money/ass on the line. That's not to say that those who accused you of FUD and got upset because they're explicitly in on a scam or conciously intend to screw you over. Likely every last one of them had some sizable position and/or high hopes about making profit on the project. Probably felt that you were trying to knock over thier apple cart, while calling them all stupid at the same time, even though you totally weren't.

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