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Everything you need to know about MakerDao and Dai

1 Jun 2019 Zoran Spirkovski

15 July 2020
Great article! This is an interesting concept, excellent cryptocurrency!

Zynecoin: The Future of Africa

3 Apr 2019 sagu13

15 July 2020
The Wethio blockchain supports Zynecoin, I invested in this project during ICO it is a great success, to date I do not regret it and the adventure is just beginning, it will go up crescendo! The Zynecoin white paper joins reality, the Zynecoin team keeps its promises no matter the detractors ... I also took the new Zyrri token of the Zynecoin team which is in progress ICO there is excellent underlyings, a lot of projects that come to life, inform you do not stop with those who speak badly, I trusted this team Wethio / Zynecoin / Zyrri and today I congratulate myself on being right . For all of you, it's not too late to get into these projects, Zynecoin is on two exchanges and has its own blockchain. Zynecoin has been on the Markets since November 2019 at $ 0.70 and today $ 2.10. There is a community that is blocking to carry out all these projects, a community that supports without selling Zynecoin and Zyrri before reaching the stars!

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