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Cryptocurrency mentor for absolute beginners, with specific focus on non-digital natives. Customer Communication & Operations Management Consultant for blockchain start-ups.

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If history repeats, Bitcoin will be worth $200,000 in about two years

10 Apr 2019 connecteconomy $2.46 (437.9820 BNTY)

This week I came across an old email from a subscriber from January 2018, just after Bitcoin had reached the $20,000. She said,  "...I can’t help but feel extremely put off by the exorbitant prices to buy into most of the worthwhile coins (bitcoin,...

More copyable ideas and future EPICness from DASH

5 Apr 2019 connecteconomy $1.76 (312.6211 BNTY)

Dash is preparing for growth and security   Version v0.14 just got released, which is the final version just before the official "Dash Version 1", which still has the working title "Evolution".  (Random Dash-fan thoughts: I wonder what the official n...

Is it OK to love both Publish0x and Steemit?

1 Apr 2019 connecteconomy $4.29 (807.2944 BNTY)

TL;DR: Of course it is! You're a grown up! ;)  In case you're wondering, though, what the difference is between the two platforms and you're trying to pick a favorite - here are my findings / thoughts / impressions from being on both sites for a whil...