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Cryptocurrency mentor for absolute beginners, with specific focus on non-digital natives. Customer Communication & Operations Management Consultant for blockchain start-ups.

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Delisting coins - Abuse of power or sign of decentralisation?

19 Apr 2019 connecteconomy $5.15 (984.8364 BNTY)

Over the past week, we've witnessed a sort of tribal war on Twitter, between Craig Wright (founder of Bitcoin Cash SV) - who decided to sue anyone who says that he is NOT Satoshi Nakamoto - and the crypto community. Well, a large part of it, includin...

Cryptocurrencies and the FIRE movement - parallels and differences

13 Apr 2019 connecteconomy $3.81 (728.6539 BNTY)

From Consumer to Investor Are you familiar with the FIRE movement? It stands for Financial Independence - Retire Early.  It basically teaches to build up as little debt as possible, minimize your spending and save as much money as you can, in order t...

How to accept cryptocurrencies in your business (for beginners)

12 Apr 2019 connecteconomy $4.44 (849.6742 BNTY)

"I have a gallery on Shopify and want to set up to accept cryptocurrency as payments for my art. What is the simplest and safest way for me to do that from my laptop? Do I need to get a wallet?"  There are several ways how you can do that, depending...