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Brand new version of the Tezos Galleon wallet is coming with new features

7 May 2020 1 minute read comments Allen Walters

Galleon is a smart wallet for Tezos that supports both software and hardware wallets. Galleon is created by Cryptonomic, a "NYC-based startup committed to decentralization and digital sovereignty". Cryptonomic has been involved with Tezos since the v...

The Cryptocurrency Community Is Extremely Hopeful About Halving - Good Or Not?

7 May 2020 1 minute read comments MoonEvangelist

The cryptocurrency market has been very active in recent days, with the halving event approaching and the movements of the major coins making the trader more excited than ever. However, is such psychology dangerous at this time? As a recently disc...

TOP Things You Should Know About Loopring and LRC

3 Mar 2020 11 minute read comments MuyAsk

Hey guys! Back with another in-depth list of answers for the most asked questions, this time it is for the magical decentralized exchange protocol - Loopring (LCR).   If you haven't seen my latest FAQ articles, feel free to take a look at Lisk (LSK),...

AMA Recap - BAND Protocol x Game of Bitcoins

16 Sep 2019 8 minute read comments Game of Bitcoins

  Dear Community, Thanks a lot for actively participating in the BAND Protocol AMA held on 14th September 2019 at the Game of Bitcoins Channel. We really appreciate all your support. This post is a recap of the entire session held with Soravis (CEO...