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Lived an interesting life so far, I'm living on mysons spare room presently, after living on an x fishing boat for ten yrs completely off grid! And a wee stint on a caravan after being made homeless moving to a new place where we couldn't live on our boa

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The Atomic Wallet With Built In Staking And Atomic Swaps!

2 Apr 2020 1 minute read comments Sapphire

An Introduction To The Atomic Wallet I recently downloaded the Atomic Wallet to give it a test run. I must be honest, I had seen the Atomic Wallet popping up quite often and curiosity finally got the best of me. One of the main enticements was to see...

No, miningpools do not cause centralization

2 Apr 2020 3 minute read comments Allen Walters

Discussing EOS' centralization in my previous article sparked some responses from EOS enthousiasts.  No one seemed to try to make a case for EOS decentralization though. Instead, the best argument for EOS enthousiasts seems to be pointing at Ethereum...

Top Things You Should Know About Litecoin (LTC)

1 Apr 2020 9 minute read comments MuyAsk

Hey guys :) Today I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of questions and detailed answers to help you understand one of the most well-established and successful cryptocurrencies in the world – Litecoin (LTC). But before we dive in, if you haven’t alread...

Forgotten Artifacts (A Blockchain-Based Game)

1 Apr 2020 5 minute read comments Ivan KR

  Fellow blockchain enthusiasts, I present to you one very cool game, which you can really enjoy and earn some crypto for playing!   This game is called Forgotten Artifacts and it’s the first blockchain-integrated action role playing game (ARPG)! It’...



Retired firefighter- Teach and work with the homeless- see more here-