I am an entertainment enthusiast. A crypto/internet internet business enthusiast. A geophysicist. A songwriter. I am down to earth and I believe that everyone should be given a chance to express their talent/gift.

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     Prior to the conception of the cryptocurrency market, making money online was already in existence. Freelancers with varying degrees of expertise in various fields are always enthusiastic to make some bucks online in the comfort of their couch i...

The big nose dive of R & B genre of music: A tragic decline of the King of R & B (R-Kelly’s) musical Career

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I write this with mix feelings. My formative years was quite an interesting one, I grew up listening to various genres of music. This is mainly due to the fact that I have elder siblings who cherish music a lot even though they don’t understand the r...

Will Michael Jackson ever be forgotten?

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  “There is no vacuum in life” they say! I learnt about this quote from a tender age and since then it had stick with me. What this quote actually meant is quite simple: when a great man/woman is no more, another person takes over to achieve what th...