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I'm a developer and consultant in the SAP area. I like to work with computers but I also like to be outside in nature.

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How To Earn Passive Income Through Binance Staking

31 May 2020 Zemiatin

01 June 2020
Hi there, you are completely right, staking with binance is fairly easy. However it reward period is only once a month. So the compounding effect is very low. There are other opportunities around, for example staking with kraken, nodepools or mycointainer, etc. Kind regards, bapimueller

The Cloud Mining Diary #5

31 Jan 2020 The Joker

29 March 2020
Hi Joker, forget my previous question. I figured it out in the meantime. The price which is shown on the left right below the slider for the calculation power is the price for whole two years of the contract. Kind regards, bapimueller

The Cloud Mining Diary #5

31 Jan 2020 The Joker

25 March 2020
Hi Joker, thanks for the diary on dual mine. You are talking how great it works, however what I'm missing is the cost side. What have you invested and what is your overall profit. I also had a look at the dual mine site but they do not clearly say what the price would be for a two year order with a power of 1000 GH/s. How can the price be paid? Quarterly, Halfyearly, etc. Maybe you can put another update on your dual mine diary. Kind regards, bapimueller

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