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4 Cryptos That Are Yet To Explode In Altseason Q1/Q2 2020

13 Feb 2020 Adamic0

14 February 2020
The Steemit has now enormous problems with downvoting. There are organisations with DV (Downvote) power, and they bashing on all users who try to promote their own work. I think, and many other, you can find a sea of this problematic on posts and coments of people, because, couple of community's are building negative downvoting on peoples posts, if they are pay for bots to promote their work, and the economics is going down. That couple of cents what we see the steem is going up, this are stolen money with downvoting them, because, in the last fork of september 2019, if you downvote someone, and you have enough power (and most dangerous, if you build a DV trail, and people jump into it) with idea that you will stop the spamers, no, they don't stop or DV spammers, they DV normal poples hard works, posts, if you try to promote your post. But, they are able to self-promoting themselve, because, they have power. You can see on SFR, just search for SFR (steemflagrewards) and you will see, what a terrible idea they spread, and what are they doing, and, they are not the only doing such horrible things, there are other too. I think, if the steemit devs don't stop the downvoting, the steemit is going to die. because, people doesn't have oportunity to promote their works anymore, and, noone will invest more in this system the money. The big bots accounts are almost all in powerdown, which mean, that the big bots, with millions of SteemPower will withdraw out the money that are they invested, and the platform is going to die. So i really hope the devs will fix this downvote cancer soon, because, if not, the steemit what we known is going away. For now, i have no hope for Steem, or steemit, anymore.

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