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☑ Photography of jasmine flower | Arabian vs Common

12 Aug 2020 AliGul88

12 August 2020
Refreshing to see nature for once in a while... c",)

Improving Publish0x. My thoughts and suggestions.

8 Aug 2020 Basalt

08 August 2020
all the things i have in mind..... c",)

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Pi Network Overview - Fan Request!

19 Sep 2020 6 minute read comments The Part Time Economist

The official page of the Pi Network states that “Mining crypto is hard, investing in crypto is risky, and too many of us are left out of the cryptocurrency revolution.” Unfortunately, I have to agree with them. Although cryptocurrencies were intended...

Let's Talk About Ethereum Monstrous Fees.

4 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments alberdioni8406

Something we are willing to find when joining Crypto it's a blockchain that could handle transactions with friendly fees that could enable anyone to transact on it, a network that could fulfill anyone needs cheap, reliable and very fast and that isn'...

Crusader Kings 3: FIRST IMPRESSIONS!

2 Sep 2020 3 minute read comments bengy

  Paradox Interactive is most famed (as a developer, not publisher) for it's huge historical simulations (well, Stellaris is more like a future historical simulation!). These huge games make the Civilization series look and play like kiddie toys for...

A Great Gas Crysis

2 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Jelly Fish

Not so long ago a lot of Publish0x people were happily praising the devs for introducing ETH earnings. Probably, now they're not so happy having their tips and earnings delayed and the devs facing somehow tough situation... I knew that, I knew that!!...

Delayed payments of Publish0x due to Ethereum high fees

2 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments PhoenixDev

Transaction costs on the Ethereum blockchain have been at levels never seen before, reaching an average value of $10.33 this Tuesday. This has led Publish0x to delay payments. While high fees mean that this network is in high use (and growing), it c...

What is cooking with Litecoin?

2 Sep 2020 3 minute read comments Mamaecrypto

The crypto market has already warmed up in 2020, and we have seen multiple cryptocurrencies gain popularity and exponential value. As the industry evolved into different sectors, we now encounter a large variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens to pick...

Wanchain and Pundi X Join Forces to Bring Cryptocurrency Commerce to the Masses

31 Aug 2020 3 minute read comments Wanchainer

Use WAN coin and Wanchain wrapped assets WBTC, WETH, and WEOS to pay for your favorite goods and services!   Wanchain and Pundi X first partnered in May 2018 to extend cryptocurrency accessibility to the public through the native Pundi X point-of-sal...

A Forgotten Brave Browser Feature that BAT Token Hodlers Need to Remember

31 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments Cje95

In the last few weeks, the team behind the Brave Browser has received plenty of flack for the recent cuts to BAT token rewards/distribution. As I have previously explained in my post (

Creating Passive Crypto Income Streams Is My Passion

30 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments Sapphire

Building For Tomorrow I have written a few articles about passive income and I am sure that most of my readers have picked up that I have a pretty strong bias towards staking projects, as my strongest objective is to create passive income well into t...

BTC through Facebook likes

30 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments Crypto1985

Today I'll show you how you can get a few BTCs through likes in social media.You just register here Store your facebook profile and, if you want, insta twitter and youtube.Then you like the pages that are shown to you, or you watch youtube videos.  ...



Left-Leaning, Pro Free-Speech, Anti-PC Culture


I am a Venezuelan, worker, father of a family who fell in love with this crypto world; I love reading news related to the crypto space, from the technological performance to the shape and concept of each currency in this world.


Student of 2nd year in department of industrial engineering and management | Future Industrial engineer | Nature lover | Photographer