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A dip in the pool purified with chlorine - The Periodic Elements NFT (GIVEAWAY)

13 Nov 2020 Robertoit

14 November 2020
y5yaw.wam Love these nfts, thanks!

Molecule of water: the first contest closed - The Periodic Element NFT

4 Nov 2020 Robertoit

09 November 2020
confirmed 18.6 works! but CAVEOFHOPES does not

At the base of electronics we find silicon - The Periodic Table NFT (GIVEAWAY)

3 Nov 2020 Robertoit

04 November 2020
y5yaw.wam enjoyed collecting these items!

H2O: Water Molecule NFT - The Periodic Table NFT (Contest)

27 Oct 2020 Robertoit

30 October 2020
Forgot to water my plants! Thanks for reminding! y5yaw.wam

Element Neon in The Periodic Table NFT (giveaway)

25 Oct 2020 Robertoit

27 October 2020
Thanks Robertoit! Finally to start my collection, appreciate this very much!

Element Neon in The Periodic Table NFT (giveaway)

25 Oct 2020 Robertoit

26 October 2020
y5yaw.wam, thanks.

Giveaway of Boron NFT

15 Oct 2020 Robertoit

23 October 2020
I'd love some boron in my collection, thanks! y5yaw.wam

Giveaway of Beryllium in the Periodic Table NFT

13 Oct 2020 Robertoit

23 October 2020
I would deeply appreciate receiving beryllium in my wallet. Thanks! y5yaw.wam

Fluorine NFT giveaway: the most electronegative element

22 Oct 2020 Robertoit

23 October 2020
I love PTFE! y5yaw.wam

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Ampleforth Foundation is announcing AMPL will expand beyond Ethereum with 3 new blockchain integrations: Tron, Acala (Polkadot), and NEAR. As decentralized finance moves across chains, so too will the core monetary assets. We’ve seen this with Bitcoi...

Understanding AMPL price and supply with the Ampleforth dashboard

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Hopefully by now you have earned some AMPL on Publish0x and taken advantage of the special withdrawal date to move it to a wallet of your choice. I moved mine to an FTX account, FTX being one of the centralised exchanges that rebases fully. And of co...

A Surprise and Totally Unexpected Result

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Recently I have been sharing a lot about how I am leveraging in particular DAI to increasing the underlying growth trend of my crypto portfolio and how I am beginning to see some really effective results. Some of this was a reaction to the early Sept...

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In this post, I explained with video how to browse through AlgoExplorer (one of the Algorand's community built tools/projects) for viewing and extracting data from the Algorand blockchain. Following that, in this article, you will learn:  How Algode...

QTUM Overview: A Recipe To Connect Blockchains

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QTUM, pronounced as “quantum”, has been in the center of attention for quite a while. Singaporean Foundation, a team from all over the world, coherent vision of development and use cases. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It sure does! For those of you who h...

How I Made $4.50 In My First 3 Days on read.cash With 2 of my Publish0x Articles -- And You Can Do It, Too!

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