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I'm Now More Bullish For BAT

8 Sep 2019 Cryptoram

09 September 2019
Grammar and punctuation would make this much better. It's still good when it comes to content, hence why I'm leaving a tip. It just reads like one very long sentence. Keep at it and you're sure to improve! ☺

Update 18: Cats cryptocurrency prediction experiment!

13 Aug 2019 Piet246

13 August 2019
Your cat is adorable!

Legit Telegram bots for crypto earnings.

13 Apr 2019 0xh3R01n

13 August 2019
The Doge click bot is legitimate. I've recieved payment twice now. It's also pretty easy to reach the payout limit,.

Crypto Idle Miner

11 Aug 2019 cryptosOG

12 August 2019
Thanks for writing this, it was pretty helpful!

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