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BAT Token Integrated For Tipping on Publish0x

6 Aug 2019 Dan Bainbridge

07 August 2019
I have using Brave for long time and get BAT rewards every month. It's great program. But in android user still can not withdraw. I hope in the future Brave make improve for withdrawal for android user.

Welcome to Publish0x!

11 Oct 2018 Dan Bainbridge

21 May 2019
Its diffenrent from other platform.. Keep on explore new idea. I support you. Love it. I have been long time claimed on Bitcoin Alien. Thanks to publishOx the place for author and reader can share and expressing their knowledge and idea.


21 May 2019 deleted0007

21 May 2019
And what do you think about social media-based or SMS-based bitcoin transactions? I hope no SMS-based but internet data-based now..

Blockchain Is About To Hit A Major Growth Period

14 May 2019 Scott Cunningham

21 May 2019
I like your review.. More news about recent update about crypto will be good. Good job.

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