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The Most Important Events To Watch In 2020!!!

5 Jan 2020 4 minute read andreaskanel

  New year - but also a new decade - to see what exciting developments we expect to see in 2020. 2019 was a rich event-year. We have seen the birth of new alliances, new crypto products and a plethora of blockchain protocols that have evolved and exp...

Bitcoin's Went Up 7.5% After The Americans Hit!!! Will "Moon" After A War?

4 Jan 2020 3 minute read andreaskanel

Why Bitcoin went up after the Americans hit?? Because after the rise of geopolitical risk, the consequence of the American offensive, gold, silver and the popular cryptocurrency. How "safe port" can it be considered? Bitcoin's 7.5% launch has been in...

Incredible Bitcoin ROI 9.000.000% In The Last Decade!!

1 Jan 2020 1 minute read andreaskanel

In the beginning he received multiple scandal hits: Scams, thefts and hijackings that removed many people. The performance of the last 10 years, however, is at least impressive. The success story of the largest digital currency in the world.     Eme...

A Sum Up Of Bitcoin's Performance In 2019 And What We Expect For 2020!!!

30 Dec 2019 3 minute read andreaskanel

Lessons from the course of cryptocurrency in the year ending and estimates for follow-up. The pressure, the reactions and how the technical picture is now shaped. The role of the halving approaching.     The year of 2019 leaves us with mixed emotion...

How Far Is The Purchase Of Bitcoin Throught Just An E-mail!!! Coinbase's New Plans!!

27 Dec 2019 2 minute read andreaskanel

  Imagine a world where users would transfer Bitcoin from their e-mail, as each e-mail address would be linked to an online portfolio. The Coinbase plan and the "drawbacks".     One major problem responsible for the spread and adoption of Bitcoin is...

In Depth Analysis-How This Halving Significant Affect The Price And Why It Is So Important!!!

25 Dec 2019 3 minute read andreaskanel

The declining of the last 10 day of Bitcoin’s price below $ 6,500 and new data coming into effect after May. How the market is moving today.     Again Bitcoin falled, it broke the previous low of $ 6,500. What the hell is finally happening? If it's...

The Bitcoin And The Bull Scenario For....6-Digit Value!!!

23 Dec 2019 3 minute read andreaskanel

The sharp improvement in the technical image records the last 24 minutes in cryptology. Supported by some investors who expect an incredible rally in the next two years. Festive tends to become the atmosphere in the cryptocurrency market, as Bitcoin...

The Train Of Terror At The Matic!! We Are Being Manipulated!!

13 Dec 2019 3 minute read andreaskanel

The incredible rally and the price collapse of 70% and what lessons investors should take in cryptos. The importance of research, the mistakes of "experts" and manipulation phenomena.     Cryptos. For others, the subject of dreams and other causes o...

German Banks Are Planning To Offer Bitcoin in 2020!!

5 Dec 2019 2 minute read andreaskanel

How European Commission moves open  the way for banks to offer cryptos in the continent. The Germans rush to blockchain train and market image. Exciting news are taking place in Germany. Already the first bank to ask its depositors to pay, to make th...

Bitcoin Holders Are Crazy!!! BTC Price Prediction December 2019!!

3 Dec 2019 2 minute read andreaskanel

Most Bitcoin holders don't sell! And we are talking about a year that there was an upward trend 4 times since the end of 2018.     According to a study by Rhythm analyst, it was found that 11,580,000 Bitcoin, which means, about 60% of the circulatio...