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Crypto Cold Wallets Can Help To Measure The Real Volume Of Exchanges!!!

3 weeks ago 2 minute read andreaskanel

Crypto exchanges have recently encountered categories for constructed volume data. Because it is relatively easy to do so, market researchers are looking for other ways to measure the capacity of each exchange, and it is possible that the cold wallet...

Cash Will Be Trash!!! According To The Wall Street Legend!!!

3 weeks ago 2 minute read andreaskanel

Cash will be useless in the next crisis What is the right strategy for investors to adopt, according to Wall Street legend Ray Dalio. The "sure" reaction of central banks and the need for ... something solid.     Our day started off in the best way....

Peter Schiff Forgot His Passwords and Blaming Bitcoin For This!!!

3 weeks ago 3 minute read andreaskanel

Peter Schiff has lost his Bitcoin! To think that it is more difficult to store and move Bitcoin than gold can only be said as an anecdote. The "passion" of the well-known criterion of encryption and teaching.     Twitter yesterday, in the crypto com...

Technical Analysis Why Bitcoin Can Pass 10.000$ Very Soon!!!

3 weeks ago 2 minute read andreaskanel

Scenarios for new rally in Bitcoin Signs of a further upturn show the course of Bitcoin. The formed image captures an undisputed dynamic. The $ 10,000 mark is where the developments will be judged. Supports zones go up.     Bitcoin is now in the pro...

Crypto Scams!!! How To Avoid Them When You Invest???

17 Jan 2020 3 minute read andreaskanel

The most common cryptocurrency scams     There is no greater mistake for a beginner in the crypto field than to give money for a budding currency that does not even negotiate on public exchanges. The double-edged knife of the loose slider. The loose...

Green Lights Everywhere!! Reasons Behind Bitcoin SV Huge Pump!!!

16 Jan 2020 3 minute read andreaskanel

In the end we had a good ... nose. Not only Bitcoin went up as we mentioned yesterday, but the whole crypto market was experiencing glory. Most of the major cryptocurrencies had double-digit yields. At least for the time being, what we explained on F...

Bitcoin Will Be A Rare Asset As Gold!!!

14 Jan 2020 3 minute read andreaskanel

Why Bitcoin, in about 4 years, will be as rare as gold? The role of halving and comparison with “yellow metal”. The signals to raise the price of popular cryptocurrencies.   Serious signs of growth are in the crypto market. The main parameter that d...

How Can Bitcoin Gain 250% This Year???

13 Jan 2020 1 minute read andreaskanel

  If the value of Bitcoin exceeds a certain technical point, then it can be rallyed. Another 250% jump in Bitcoin prices by 2020, breaking all records and even surpassing the historic high of $ 20,000. Based on technical analysis, a significant propo...

Why Bitcoin Passed So Easy The 8,000$? Big News From China And The War!!!

9 Jan 2020 2 minute read andreaskanel

What has led Bitcoin to over $ 8,000? What the 22% rally hides in five days for the popular crypto currency. Turnover, new geopolitical risk fronts and big news from China. Within 5 days, Bitcoin, with a 22% rally, surpassed the price level where it...

Did We Finally Find The Bottom? In Depth Price Analysis!!

7 Jan 2020 3 minute read andreaskanel

Did we find the bottom of Bitcoin Price?   Technical analysis data that could indicate a trend change in cryptocurrency. Why buying 'cheap' won't make us profit. The rise of Bitcoin has continued in recent days. From the low of $ 6,850 on January 3,...