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New to blockchain and am loving the idea that amazing people have made it possible to own digital assets because I was REFUSE to pay for digital stuff I cant own,

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Free BANANO NFTs are Here! MonKeyprinter go BRRR!

19 Sep 2020 banano

21 September 2020
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Chinese Virologist Banned from Twitter Following Claim That COVID-19 Was Lab-Made

16 Sep 2020 TheDesertLynx

18 September 2020
I see on decenttral platforms people downvote a lot of alt media. Especially conspiracy stuff.

Uniswap: offers a 1260$ claim for their users

17 Sep 2020 Gamma

17 September 2020
Sounds too good to be true

💥💥Good Opportunities Without Investment For You🎈🎈

14 Sep 2020 fetinafety

15 September 2020
I read that netbox has a keylogger and it silently starts on startup.

Charles Hoskinson on the Rough Days - [Text Version]

7 Sep 2020 Cryptotexty

08 September 2020
I enjoy his talks. Dont listen to the haters. 9 times out of 10 they are just mad because the lost a little dough and dont see the long game. I personally believe in cardanoand apparently so does ETC enough to possibly accept his offer after mocking him for making the offer

Touch Social : Blockchain-Based Instagram Type Social Media App To Earn Ethereum ERC20 Tokens (TST) By Sharing Content And Staking Crypto

16 Aug 2020 BtcSapiens

06 September 2020
I haven't understood on how to use the TSD they give me. I have just been collecting them. as far as TST goes, no clue yet. So much going on so much to understand and so far behind.

50th Publish0x Cashout (0.01226827 ETH)

6 Sep 2020 BtcSapiens

06 September 2020
Awesome. congrats. I hope to get better at the review process to where I can write my own pieces here.

A project DeFi dropped 99.9% in the 'blink of an eye' after it was just launched

6 Sep 2020 HenryDo

06 September 2020
Sorry for my run ons. It's a pain typing on this phone

A project DeFi dropped 99.9% in the 'blink of an eye' after it was just launched

6 Sep 2020 HenryDo

06 September 2020
I was just telling a family member how it feels like since uniswap did so well, these new swap sites are popping up where u exchange the old for the new to create an even newer while whales , probably the creators, pump a shitload of money into it, get people FOMOing, then dumping it all. Like Sushi and Yam and all these other food emotes. I said they probably are a group, creating one, hyping it up, then creating another where you move the first to the next. And so on. It's making money off money you made from the other money you made? Or rather credits. Because it all boils down to that USD no matter what. This defi bubble is kind of scaring people off from crypto investing. Some of my friends call it a scam lol. I try to tell them that there are scams everywhere but crypto is inevitable. It's the only way to save the currency. You dont print more like helicopter money, you make it smaller. Like bitcoin has become satoshis. And one day satoshis will become something else, until one day , owning a bitcoin, just one, will be legendary.

Wombat wallet - the best free EOS wallet?

4 Sep 2020 Divljo

06 September 2020
Thanks. Now that there is a dip I think I'll buy more and send some over. It's so strange having to move money around so much but I'm guessing it's going to become the norm. At least until they all eventually connect, which we see happening. Thanks for the info. This site has really helped an old newb like me understand it all.

It can be said that this massacre is still not as large as the March 20th massacre. But the consequences are not bad

6 Sep 2020 HenryDo

06 September 2020
Well said. I just look at it as I do collecting. I'm collecting crypto coins. Not planning to sell them anytime soon no matter what happens. If I didnt have that It would be something else in my collection that takes up physical space. And that I am running out of lol. Anywho I'm gonna refer my friend to this article. He is always asking me what to do with his crypto and what to sell. He is a poker player, I'm a collector. 2 different ways to invest.

Wombat wallet - the best free EOS wallet?

4 Sep 2020 Divljo

06 September 2020
How much do I need to move into the wallet to access these things. I've tinkered a bit with nothing in it but I see these sites needing coin to post. Pay to play? Stake yo play? I'm still a bit confused to the pay for resources thing.

Dissecting RFOX Games' New KOGs Roadmap

5 Sep 2020 BlockchainAuthor

05 September 2020
I think Wax is going to over take Enjin. I'm new to this and started on Wax but it seems like Enjin is to Wax as Atari is to Playstation 1. Or maybe Gamecube lol. Cant leave Nintendo out

Understanding Publish0x and the high gas Fees on ETH network..

5 Sep 2020 alberdioni8406

05 September 2020
Agreed 1000%. Some people act like they deserve these payment but they dont. They are just lucky it's been a smooth run this long. More users means more payouts and higher fees.

Apologies to the Brave Community

24 Aug 2020 ExponentialOne

24 August 2020
Does she not understand that those ads pay her. Plus they are usually extremely useful ads. Unlike the other junk ads other browsers spit out.

Exchange Series - 1 of 7 Coinbase

22 Aug 2020 BryRi

22 August 2020
Coinbase is high priced but it's easier for me to use and compared to ETH fees it's way cheaper. I just dont understand why the need of all these coins if you need ETH to use them. Why add more middlemen. I thought all this crypto was about cutting out the middlemen. To me uts only added a lot more. It's cheaper if I just paypal or cashapp someone cash for an NFT and they just forward it to my wallet. I mean no one has ever accepted my offer to do that except on Ebay lol. Not that I have used ebay to purchase an NFT yet. But I have used paypal to purchase my first VeChain items. Looking forward to them arriving so I can learn how to use the chain with an item code. It's all so overwhelming but extremely exciting.

Exchange Series - 1 of 7 Coinbase

22 Aug 2020 BryRi

22 August 2020
I use coinbase because it was pretty much my only option at the time and now I am just heavily invested in it. But for some reason I am on their waiting list for Earn for 7 months now. Yet a buddy of mine signed up and was able to do earn right away. Am I missing something? I dont understand why I am not able to do it yet he is my age and lives minutes from me. And hes white and straight.. So it's not his race age sexual preference nor location. Not that those last 2 would have anything to do with it but those last 2 things sure do disqualify me for surveys lol. Anywho. Does anyone know why I am on their waiting list for so long? Am I doing something wrong or not doing something? Any help would be appreciated.

4 More New Cards - Sneak Peak from Upcoming 8/26 ΛZMΛRÉ Dice Release!

22 Aug 2020 Chris Roberts

22 August 2020
I wish I had friebds who were into these card games. Physical and digital games. I've never played them because knowing me, I'd lose my money invested. But I do love collecting and these cards are always top notch in the art department. Sure would love to just own some original art cards.

Cardano Meetup Kyiv - Ouroboros protocol

19 Aug 2020 Cryptotexty

22 August 2020
Thank you for the post. Huge cardano fan. Just delegated my first few ADA. Cant wait to add more.

The Downfall of Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC)

21 Aug 2020 PVMihalache

21 August 2020
I'm trying to change my brain on these new platforms. It's usually so nice and calm. I almost hate to think Facebook moving to these places. I hope AW doesnt shut down and keep the funds on the wallets lol. I mean if people start bailing on them.

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50th Publish0x Cashout (0.01226827 ETH)

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Hey everyone, today I have reached my 50th Publish0x withdrawal, I wish it inspires you, especially to the newcomers, because not every day you find platforms with a team so compromised with users. Publish0x communicated that ETH payments would delay...

Exchange Series - 1 of 7 Coinbase

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I have always been a firm believer of continuous learning.  Whether it is something that you agree with, support, or just the opposite, the lessons are aways available. Exchange Series - 1 of 7 Coinbase.   What is Coinbase? In an ever growing crypto...

Cryptocurrencies on Wall Street - Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin Now Available on the Stock Market

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Image Source After Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), it is the turn of Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to enter the stock market. The large digital asset manager Grayscale has just announced that its two products based on LTC and BCH will be a...

A New Use for CoinGecko's Candy

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Here is just a glimpse of my daily routine: 1. Drink coffee 2. Check staking dividends (those WIN dividends seem to be rocking!) 3. Go to CoinGecko to check on the market action and collect those candies! 4. Check a few crypto faucets 5. Realize I'm...

The Weekly Peel #14 - BANANO Community Update

25 Jul 2020 3 minute read comments banano

Welcome to the Weekly Peel — A regular series covering BANANO Community Updates! This week, we’ve got some seriously cool community initiatives we want to share with you. The Daily Peel is the best place to get the inside scoop on Jungle-to-Jungle ne...

Ghost - McAffee's Privacy Coin

25 Jul 2020 4 minute read comments The Part Time Economist

According to the official website, "Ghost is a Proof of Stake privacy coin to help make you nothing but a 'ghost' when transacting online." As I first read this, I was quite impressed. The vast majority of coins are proof of work and non-private, so...

Two Sides of the Tron Coin: Part 1 - Transactions

23 Jul 2020 3 minute read comments ExponentialOne

"Two sides of the same coin" is an idiom that means there are two ways to look at something even if they are one object - for example, a coin. A coin has two different sides and two ways to look at it, even though it is one object. For this three par...

Start winning interest from your BAT with Celsius Network

15 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments deleted000032

BAT is now a supported coin in the Celsius Network wallet. The Celsius Network  is an app (for android and IOS) that gives interest by depositing your cryptos, interest is paid (and compounded) weekly. The app also support other cryptocurrencies like...



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Student of cryptocurrencies and economics. Recently interested the most in Cardano and hope to add even minor value to the process of building future's financial system


I am crypto anthusiast, and trader, miner, investor in many various platform, and protocol of blockchain around the world. I love to talking about Cryptocurrency.


A young man who loves digital currencies and is always reading about it❤