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Abhijoy Sarkar

Untangling Crypto Regulations: A European Journey

10 Jun 2019 5 minute read Abhijoy Sarkar $2.69 tipped

In 2018, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enforced punitive measures in eighteen crypto related cases, as opposed to five instances the year before and just one case in 2016. Comparatively, the EU crypto scene has seen lesser legal act...

Parachute Weekly Update: Bitcoin Pizza with 2gether, aXpire in India, BOMB stickers, Opacity beta... – 17 May - 23 May'19

6 Jun 2019 4 minute read Abhijoy Sarkar $1.39 tipped

Hiya everyone! Here’s your week at Parachute (17 May – 23 May’19):   This week’s Parena had a super long finale which saw FlareOfFlame beating Ketan 3:0 to take home the spoils from a 100k PAR pot. The Parachute Shop now has a twitter handle. Check i...

Blockchain Regulation in the U.S. and Malta — Of Leaders and Laggards

31 May 2019 6 minute read Abhijoy Sarkar $2.05 tipped

This article is an exploration of the myriad world of cryptocurrency regulations; and specifically, ICOs, the U.S. (and the SEC) and Malta.   Lagging behind "We believe that the SEC could do more to clarify its position" —  U.S. Congress Members to S...

MACD based crypto trading outperforms the market (during bear regimes, all of 2018 and 2019)

29 May 2019 3 minute read Abhijoy Sarkar $1.65 tipped

What is the MACD again? The MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) indicator is a technical analysis indicator that indicates price trends for a given asset.   In particular, the MACD is defined as: MACD = (12 period EMA) - (26 period EMA)EMA →...

Parachute Weekly Update: New AXPR listings, Hydro @ Consensus, WandX non-custodial staking, Wysker Reactions... – 10 May - 16 May'19

29 May 2019 4 minute read Abhijoy Sarkar $0.69 tipped

Hi everyone! This was a super busy week at Parachute and partners. Buckle up, here we go:   Cryptodelphia won this week’s Parena to take home a cool share of the 200k PAR pot. The finale turned out to be a walkover since iCuddle was a clone account....

Parachute Weekly Update: Parachute Plant Betting, aXpire @HFA, Uptrennd Brainstorm Sessions, Switch DESH tokens... – 3 May - 9 May'19

22 May 2019 4 minute read Abhijoy Sarkar $0.55 tipped

Hiya folks! Here’s your week at Parachute + partner-land (3 May – 9 May’19). Enjoy:   Games Master Jason announced a new competition this week. A plant betting contest. 10 purple passionfruit seeds will be planted at the start of the contest. The cha...

Parachute Weekly Update: Lunch with 2gether, Wysker nominated by Google Play, Horizon State charity, WandX roadmap... - 26 Apr - 2 May'19

15 May 2019 3 minute read Abhijoy Sarkar $0.76 tipped

Hi everyone! Here’s the week that was at Parachute and partners (26 Apr – 2 May’19). Like last week, this has been a relaxed one as well:   Mari won this week’s Parena by beating Orji in a hard fought finale to win a mystery prize. You would have to...

Parachute Weekly Update: Charity Parena, ETHOS SmartKeys, HYDRO partners Ferrum, Birdchain BTC event... - 19 Apr - 25 Apr'19

12 May 2019 2 minute read Abhijoy Sarkar $0.62 tipped

We are almost caught up now. In the homestretch folks! Here’s your week at Parachute (19 Apr – 25 Apr’19):   This has been a fairly relaxed week. This post will be relatively shorter compared to earlier ones. The Charity Parena went on to raise over...

Parachute Weekly Update: Parachute Beer Exchange vol. 2, Battle of the Bots update, aXpire + Kleros, Blockport STO... - 12 Apr - 18 Apr'19

9 May 2019 3 minute read Abhijoy Sarkar $0.73 tipped

Hi everyone! I am still playing catch up. But the gap is closing. Here’s your week at Parachute (12 – 18 Apr’19):   The first ever Tiproom Parena took place this week. Yummii’s Lucky Llama proved to be uber lucky by winning the Parena with a close fi...

Blockchain: The Future is Calling

3 May 2019 5 minute read Abhijoy Sarkar $0.99 tipped

It’s 2019 and everyone is talking about blockchains. Call it a fad or futuristic, blockchain is the buzzword of this decade. Research shows that 65% of businesses with more than 10k employees are either considering adoption or already using the techn...