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Long term crypto enthusiast and investor who made plenty and lost most of it in the GAW fiasco. Crypto must purge charlatans. ED: MS MIS, Quality Control Specialist, App developer and Facility Manager Consultant.

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11 Mar 2020 Bragato18

20 March 2020
A great story and proof of why crypto is a necessary tool of the 21st century internet. In Venezuela's case, the low price of a barrel of oil and hatred of the government's policy of helping the poor, the developing nations punished the government with embargos and trade limitations - which of course causes hyperinflation. HI occurs when the Empire decides it doesn't like certain policies and your only export must be sold in dollars. who wants the native currency since there isn't much you can buy with it. Sadly, oil can only be bought in greenbacks and since oil is the nation's main export, and the dollars dry up, the government is forced to print more paper to meet internal obligations, resulting in a worthless currency. Reading recently about how people adapt and either pay a premium for US dollar until the local currency becomes worthless. Look at - El Salvador where it is the official currency because citizens working in the US send home funds to their families in dollars. People also barter or find different methods of payments. In Venezuela, DASH has been very popular.

Fork it the hard way! Steem hard fork announced

18 Mar 2020 paragism

20 March 2020
Stick with Ether. Better long term hold.

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