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Full Stack Web Developer & Android Developer, Tunis, Tunisia, Lifriqi.com (Owner): https://mellowads.com/92dMa, Lions Club International (Member): http://mellowads.com/9dyPd, Developer Page: https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=6138954080968430225

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25 000 TRX in Tron Lounge video contest

1 Jan 2020 CEDCryptoCoin

04 January 2020
Awesome Contest Project. It Seems That YouTube Will Remove Crypto Videos From it's Platform. If It Is True, You Have To Find Another Way To Share It.

Coinbase Review

4 Jan 2020 CryptoJES

04 January 2020
Awesome Crypto App, But Always Waitlisted for coinbase.com/earn!

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