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16 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments Creativeboy

Coin news   Market Wrap: Bitcoin Drops, Then Pops as Traders See Weaker Markets Coming! by coindesk.comRoller-coaster daily trading for bitcoin Monday isn't convincing traders a larger crypto bull market is in the cards. ... Sorry, Bloomberg: Here Ar...

Mommin' It Monday - Episode 4

16 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments Mamaecrypto

Hi everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We are back to our weekly Episode of Mommin' it Mondays where Lisa and I give you a quick update on relevant crypto related topics and headlines.  Today we started by briefly reviewing Bitcoin curren...

Why the price of bitcoin is not rising

15 Jun 2020 4 minute read comments Aristos

What reasons keep the price of cryptocurrency stuck? The JP Morgan report and what the technical analysis shows from the change in value in the last 24 hours. The strategy of hedge funds and the role of halving.   We used to dedicate an entire articl...

150,000 Atomic Wallet Users and Why You Should Too

15 Jun 2020 4 minute read comments BryRi

How Many Times Have you Been First? When it comes to social media how many times have you been first?  First in adoption?  First in use?  Or even first in value add or gained? Read on to learn about 150,000 Atomic Wallet Users and Why You Should Too....

Ether Pumps to $700,000 After Attempt to Wrap ETH As an ERC20 Token - Satire

15 Jun 2020 2 minute read comments BitcoinGordon

The only thing better than Ethereum, is Ethereum, which comes with its own warning; don't try building Ether on top of itself.   Ether is a breakthrough in the growing cryptocurrency space, but some things are not even meant to be built on the platfo...

TOP 5 Crazy Coins For Nutty Investors 🤪

14 Jun 2020 4 minute read comments Cryptonator`s

The Internet is crazy and so is blockchain. A lot of crazy coins are floating around in crypto space. If you are crazy enough you can invest your hard-earned ether in these TOP 5 Crazy Coins to have some, I don`t know, fun?  No. 5 The Hyper-Inflation...

Tokenizing Real Estate with RealT

14 Jun 2020 11 minute read comments Cryptodeepdive

  Tokenizing Real Estate The Real Estate industry has been set in its ways and functioning in the same manner for centuries. In essence, we can compare the present-day system with landlords in medieval times. Where peasants used to have to work the...

Atomic Wallet - Do I Really Need Another Wallet?

14 Jun 2020 4 minute read comments Bragato18

Do I really need another wallet? My wife and I try and keep the storage of our tokens and coins as simple as possible. We don't really want a multitude of wallets, with all those passwords, 12 word seed phrases to keep secure. So up till now we have...

How Profitable is GPU Mining?

14 Jun 2020 7 minute read comments cryptoforcanadians

In one of my previous posts, I talked about how lately people have been asking me about getting started with trading crypto in Canada. In addition to this, I also noticed that people have been taking an interest in mining cryptocurrency. I've actuall...