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im a motion graphics artist and a general fan of learning new things all around.

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The Play2Earn Report - Rise of the Gold Champions

6 Sep 2020 Khazrakh

07 September 2020
really cool, its amazing to see what blockchain technology has accomplished so far.

NFTs of Blockchain Gaming: KOGs on WAX 1st Edition 'Slammers' Collection

29 Aug 2020 BlockchainAuthor

01 September 2020
much thanks! Can't wait to see whats next for Crypto

NFTs of Blockchain Gaming: KOGs on WAX 1st Edition 'Slammers' Collection

29 Aug 2020 BlockchainAuthor

31 August 2020
oh awesome I just created a WAX wallet just now im probably gunna pick up a pack in the near future to start my kogs journey, just gotta wait for payday.

NFTs of Blockchain Gaming: KOGs on WAX 1st Edition 'Slammers' Collection

29 Aug 2020 BlockchainAuthor

31 August 2020
much thanks! I will check it out and will keep up with your articles as well, this game is something i been looking for, i like collecting and selling in mmo's and IRL and this seems to be a much easier way to do so.

NFTs of Blockchain Gaming: KOGs on WAX 1st Edition 'Slammers' Collection

29 Aug 2020 BlockchainAuthor

31 August 2020
completely new to crypto and now i am intrigued beyond belief. I would love it if there was an introductory guide to this article because im sure I missed a lot and do not understand the majority of what is being covered. Nonetheless it was an interesting read and now I want to dive even deeper on this collectible crypto game.

Brave has promised that by 2020 it will bring a lot of good promises to users.

19 Jan 2020 Blockchain

20 January 2020
I thought the title was absolutely hilarious and made it seem as if this was an anti brave article TBH.

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My Splinterlands Self Challenge #2 - First Week, First 100 Games

6 Sep 2020 5 minute read comments The GCC

It has been around a week since I started playing, and writing, about Splinterlands.  The challenge, noted in the title, is to see how far I can get playing the game without spending money on it after the initial $10 purchase.  My first few days of p...

Splinterlands Legendary Card Profile - Shin-Lo

6 Sep 2020 4 minute read comments Chris Roberts

Far across the seasAn ancient pride vanishes;Shin-Lo joins the fight Shin-Lo Splinter - Draykh-Nahka Set - Kickstarter Promo Class - Legendary Dragon Assassin Size - Shin-Lo is one of the smallest Dragons, at only slightly larger than a normal Human...

Dissecting RFOX Games' New KOGs Roadmap

5 Sep 2020 3 minute read comments BlockchainAuthor

Plenty of Slammable NFT Action is on the Horizon! Seven months of pushing blockchain gaming forward Since debuting on Aug. 18, NFTs in the 1st Edition of KOGs — Keys to Other Games — have seen over 3M $WAXP in trade volume. It’s evident that collect...

BAT Tokens Three Whammy Hit

4 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments Cje95

I've written quite a bit about the Brave Browser and BAT Token given the first whammy, the distribution cut, due to what I can only assume is advertisement cutbacks paired with the browser itself growth, and the need to distribute more tokens. The la...

My first month on Publish0x!

3 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments Steven_BA

Today, it's been a month since I first posted an article on Publish0x. I was persuaded by my friend PVMihalache to register an account with Publish0x knowing that I have an extensive experience in the study of International Relations. As for the cryp...

Recent BRAVE partners and updates (August 2020)

2 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments TrocProcLock

Alright folks I think I am going to start to do these updates in relation to the Brave Browser. Publish0x seems to LOVE Brave posts and it seems that everyone and their mother like to post the same thing. To not let things fall through the cracks I b...

DeFi Wars

31 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments CPix

The largest DeFi protocols are now billion dollar projects. YFI, UMA, and Aave all sit right around $1 billion dollars in market cap value. Not only that but several DeFi protocols have over $1 billion locked up in smart contracts. These valuations...

BAT "July bug" resolved - Brave Rewards are working again (under Windows)

31 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments schinkenspeck

(This is just a short post - I promised to give an update once I have one) This is just an update that the July bug, that I talked about here:

Weekly Dividend Report | Record Day For WIN !

31 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments costanza

In these posts, I bring weekly updates on how the dividends from both & are doing while staying up to date with all that is happening with these projects...   WINK Record Dividends Sunday saw record dividends for WIN holders (Si...

What a Long Strange Trip - LSD and the Grateful Dead

30 Aug 2020 3 minute read comments Lucas Pietrapiana

No other band is as closely connected to the psychedelic molecule LSD-25 as the Grateful Dead. In a way, they are one and the same: unpredictable and playful, visionary, ecstatic. In short, the driving force of the 1960’s counterculture. The A...