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EDG - My Latest Exposure - From The Polkadot Network!

7 Jul 2020 Sapphire

08 July 2020
Tôi thích bài viết của bạn

The Weekly Peel #9 - BANANO Community Update

13 Jun 2020 banano

14 June 2020
Ok men. I like you

Our beloved CoinMarketCap is censored now!

15 May 2020 paragism

16 May 2020
Ok . Im like you.ok

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Add a Different Wallet Address for Each Token You Withdraw from Publish0x - Quick Announcement

13 May 2020 2 minute read comments Igor Tomić

This is a quick post to let you know about a change that will make it easier for you to withdraw tokens to your preferred wallet.   Now, you can choose a separate withdrawal address for each token you earn on Publish0x, and not just one address for a...

The DIVI ecosystem: the new digital payment and savings platform

12 May 2020 2 minute read comments Paraguanads

Cryptocurrencies have become the main resource for those who are completely suspicious of the preconceived world financial system, and that is why many options –of various technologies and usability– have come to stay, offering their users not only...

7 Verified Platforms Where You Can Tip And Get Tipped By Creators With BAT Using The Brave Browser

12 May 2020 1 minute read comments Dominus1

For some time now, many people have been sending me messages on Twitter and Instagram where they ask me which websites support BAT tipping. I do my best to provide them with the answers I know but I think sharing what I know he is important as it wi...

Atomic Wallet: Easy Withdrawals and Staking

12 May 2020 2 minute read comments Thomas Wolf

Update:  I no longer support Atomic Wallet due to shady practices and better options. This wallet features and style similar to Exodus which I used prior to this, but I find it more functional - plus it has ERC-20 token support meaning you get one a...

Tezos hackathon announced by TQ Tezos and Coinlist. Duration: one month

12 May 2020 1 minute read comments Allen Walters

TQ Tezos and Coinlist just announced a Tezos hackathon that will start on the 25th of May and end at the 25th of June. Coinlist organizes hackathons frequently on "Coinlist Build" where it brings together developers in a competitive environment.  "Te...

10 Areas of Change in Cybersecurity for 2020

12 May 2020 5 minute read comments Matthew Rosenquist

Cybersecurity in 2020 will be evolutionary but not revolutionary.  Although there is always change and churn, much of the foundational drivers remain relatively stable.  Attacks in the next 12 months are likely to persist in ways already known but ta...