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Who I am? Good question. I knew the answer I would know the way to go. Instead I just walk. I walk with my head down sometimes, because the world offends. Other times I raise it proudly and look straight in the eyes of those who come towards me.

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Come Acquistare Ethereum – Guida per principianti

22 Feb 2020 paoluccimax

22 February 2020

Brave Goes to War Against Google [EXPLAINED]

21 Feb 2020 Brawnd0

22 February 2020

Phone 'Mining' - ETN (Beginners' How-To Guide)

20 Feb 2020 Mynima

22 February 2020

Mastering Ethereum - Andreas Antopoulos call for translators

21 Feb 2020 Mamaecrypto

21 February 2020

For the birth of an ethical science

18 Dec 2019 ilnegro

18 December 2019
Grande negro ben trovato anche qui

Vintage Cars in Alba [EN-IT]

27 Oct 2019 dexpartacus

27 October 2019
dex, ma si possono ripostare gli articoli messi su Steemit?

Hydro Pay and Liquid Exchange Rewards Campaign

21 Aug 2019 User__________

21 August 2019
Done, when the hydro Will come?

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Town Star Test - Busy Schedule Planning - Forest Terrain

7 Apr 2020 4 minute read comments littlenewthings

Hey everyone!  Today is day 2.5 and after several attempts of testing on forest terrains, I have decided to move somewhere super close to the South East Asian region this time; where there is sea and land with somewhat forestry along.  But before th...



I was born, I am currently alive, sooner or later I will die