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Newbie Tricks: Why I love and hate Coinbase

18 Jul 2020 rah

19 July 2020
Pro also lacks in trading pairs and most are view only. Some arent even available on the main site. As a newb i messed with pro for a day before searching for better. I might use it still if i happen to need a quick trade on a pair i know is available. I try to avoid any trading on cb truthfully. Just a fiat gateway for me. On avg it usually costs me 2% to trade on the main site. Ive been bouncing about $10cad around just trying to catch a pump so i can make some extra for eth fees lol. Today, flipped oxt for atom trying for the dump. Cost me $0.33cad, from $10.84cad to $10.33cad. More than 1 oxt which was at just under $0.25 cad at the time . Very sad.

The Top Crypto Exchanges with the Best Margin Trading Features

6 Jul 2020 Crypto Adventure

06 July 2020
No one ever mentions kucoin. Personally if they had all of binances pairs and the big binance leverage and maybe a dex like binance ... Id rate them above binance. Ive looked into others but overall kucoin usually still wins. My main reason is it is a company and a team behind the exchange. For me is see binance similar to why some see tron. One "central" owner making all the choices. I like binance and all they do just at the end of the day to me its just another zuckerberg lol

Best Canadian Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2020

2 Jul 2020 eHyun

02 July 2020
Damn wish i seen this a few hours ago. I hate transfers and prefer direct buys not waiting for a transfer. Been stuck on coinbase cause its hard finding a fully trustable site to buy direct. I dont keep on coinbase its just my gateway. Almost switched to the one that got caught wash trading. Been thinkin about using coinberry. Havent seen nothing bad so far lol. Def gonna check out newton if its candian owned.

Do you play the multiplier game on Coinpot.co? STOP IMMEDIATELY!

21 Jun 2020 Mazz1983ita

21 June 2020
I had that issue before the hacks. So i stopped using just 1 tab. I run 25 tabs at 4001 rolls starting with a minimum of 500 tokens and the lowest ive ended since the site was fixed is just over 1300. I avg 15-1800 per day still. Not including the 500 i start with. It seems to work better when you have over 500 to start. Only claiming faucets once per day sometimes seems like it negatively affects the multiply results as well. Either way more tabs gets the bonus tokens faster and also reduces the amount of losses that get taken. Also you can prob stop at 30k and end up with pretty much the same tokens. It generally costs all the bonus from 100k just to get from 30-100. Unless you got lots of refferals that extra bit isnt worth it. Thats debatable tho. Sometimes i do bonus 500 tokens from 30k-100k but not usually more

How to Earn Crypto on Your Crypto

16 Jun 2020 cryptoforcanadians

16 June 2020
Kucoins pool-x often has much better rates than these . Their higher rates avg 7-12% and softstaking is paid daily. No decentralized wallet staking tho. But is also not owned and controlled by one (founder)

Ripple (XRP): Massive 2.5 Billion XRP Stimulus Package For Hodlers

13 Jun 2020 tomoyan

16 June 2020
Golden rule of ripple... They will never give away xrp for free lmfao. At least this one was a legit scam alert crossed with a troll. I got sucked into that fake orchid giveaway someone posted here a few months back lol now my rule is if its tradeable on coinbase than any giveaway campaign is fake.

Coinbase Keeps Becoming Worse!

13 Jun 2020 johnwege

13 June 2020
Sadly in order for mainstream adoption, coinbase is a neccessary evil. The reasons most are losing trust in cb are the exact reason mainstream will gain trust. Like it or not in order for exchanges to successfully and legally operate in north america they will have to become what most in crypto hate. The facebooks and retail banks of crypto.

Brave: Developers are forking after the browser violates user's trust

10 Jun 2020 CokeAlien

10 June 2020
Very childish. I support brave using affiliate links from search pages. If it was redirecting a manually typed address or other peoples referral links into their own then id say that's a problem. But ive clicked and signed up for those links to help support the browser that makes me free money daily. Ive made an average of $30-40 cad per month for practically nothing and that doesn't include referral bonus. Just brave rewards and publishox. People should be more appreciative. The forkers can go have some forkin fun. Im stickin with brave. This fork business in general is eventually going to flood the market with way too many cryptos and related things

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The last upgrade on Tezos decreased transaction fees: 3,215 transactions on Tezos now cost the same as 1 transaction on Ethereum

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Does Binance Do ETH Better Than Ethereum?

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Are You Ready for the Bull Market!?

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The markets have an excitement in the air, bitcoin has reach a 3-year level price high, ethereum is on the verge of eclipsing its 3-year high as well, and the DeFi coins are coming back to life recently as well.  It is truly an exciting time.  Some p...

Pancake Swap Yield Farming Introduction (300%?!?!)

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Over the summer there was a lot of interest in yield farming. That interest seems to have waned though. Do I think that De-Fi is a fad? No I don't. Do I think that it'll make a come back? Yes, probably. I personally don't think that yield farming wil...

YouTube Monetization Compared To Everything Else

10 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments Scott Cunningham

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Project Hydro and CoinNewsExtra form media partnership

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$3.5 Million From 1000 BTC KuCoin on the Move

5 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments Abhimanyu Krishnan

$3.5 million worth of stolen assets linked to a KuCoin hack have been moved via 3 separate transactions that occurred on Nov. 4, according to Whale Alert. Over 1000 Bitcoin (BTC) was stolen from a KuCoin hack on September 25, along with Tether (USDT...

Bitcoin Dominance has been rising steadily, but is resistance coming up very soon ? Does this mean Altcoins will start moving up again ?

5 Nov 2020 3 minute read comments Djordi

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Algorand (ALGO) added to Coinbase Earn

31 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments Mynima

Introduction Another quick public service announcement update this morning. After logging into coinbase to work on another blog article I spotted that there was now $177 available for earning at the top of the page. This can mean only one thing, anot...



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