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My first fifty, part 2: learning my way to $45

24 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments Spitkitten

When I left you at Part 1, I'd made a tidy $20. At this point, I opened a CoinBase account. I don't adore having ten bazillion accounts, especially since, in the US, trading sites are regulated financial institutions (lite), and so I have to validate...

BITCOIN, LITECOIN AND ETHEREUM fall while others make big gains / ZCASH, QUANT, REN, (analysis).

24 Jun 2020 3 minute read comments Crypto adict (Manu VZ)

Altcoins fall, except Zcash, with a good increase this June 24 Bitcoin's decline drags the major altcoins. Ethereum (ETH), for example, is down 1.04%; Litecoin (LTC) 2%; Bitcoin Cash (BCH) of 1.19% and EOS of 2.59%. However, only one of the top ten i...

6 DeFi Projects with Interesting (Token) Economics

5 Jun 2020 11 minute read comments D3F1

DeFi (Decentralised Finance) is the hottest thing in crypto right now in 2020 and unlike the ICO bubble that lasted less than a year in 2017, it doesn’t look like the DeFi train is stopping anytime soon. This time it’s for real. (source) The chart a...