I am in my 30-ties and completely in love with monetary policies and architecture, financial markets, cryptocurrencies and more. I have a passion for writing and sharing content, as well as learning more about crypto and its vibrant future.

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Libertad Venezolana - ¡Una moneda criptográfica para el pueblo de Venezuela!

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  La crisis de hiperinflación de Venezuela. Desde 2014, Venezuela ha estado luchando con la hiperinflación, lo que hace que su moneda nacional, el bolívar, pierda todo valor o poder adquisitivo. Los venezolanos comunes y corrientes necesitan algo par...

How Trump's tradewar destroyed the Amazon!

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Really? Why is everyone blaming Trump all the time? It's pretty simple really: Trump thought he could bully China around by slapping them with tariffs. However, the Chinese then figured we'll return the favor by putting tariffs on US soybeans exports...

Review of Sinovate Crypto Currency

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  What is SINOVATE? SINOVATE, a peer-to-peer decentralized cryptocurrency, is a project that takes blockchain to another level. A level where a lot of attention and research was done by a highly experienced team, to improve the already existing SUQA...

Review of StreamIt [STREAM]

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  Grow your live channel with StreamIt Coin Introduction: StreamIt Coin wants to revolutionize the way today’s vloggers, video channel owners, and streamers struggle to grow their channel into a full-time job. With its innovative StreamIt Bot it focu...

Libertad Venezolana - A crypto coin for the people of Venezuela!

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Venezuela's Hyperinflation Crisis. Since 2014, Venezuela has been wrestling with hyperinflation, resulting in its national currency, the bolivar, to lose all value or purchasing power. Ordinary Venezuelans need something to fill the void the bolivar...

Ivan on Tech invests in Tixl, an innovative crypto currency combining privacy, instant transactions and zero transaction costs!

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Introduction After Ivan studied the progress of the developer's hard work on Tixl, he decided to become one of their angel investors. This is no way means that Tixl will become a success, but knowing Ivan and his experience in blockchain, I want to m...

Wall Street Green light for Bitcoin - BAKKT will go live with physically-settled bitcoins only

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BAKKT green light! The by now well-known crypto venture Bakkt, announced recently it can officially launch its bitcoin futures in the coming weeks. Compared to cash-settled bitcoin futures, offered on CME, institutional investors can now end up holdi...

Hilux, an undervalued and innovative next-gen cryptocurrency.

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Hilux Basic Research In our search for good altcoins, we encountered Hilux, a peer-to-peer decentralized crypto-currency with a supply of only 21,000,000 HLX, allowing for easy value comparison with market leader Bitcoin. However, Hilux offers extra...

Gossip Coin

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Gossip Coin is a peer-to-peer decentralized cryptocurrency and has an infinite coin supply. The coin’s ticker is GOSS and it is a Masternode Coin. So what is a GOSSIP Masternode, and is it worth it? If you lack time or knowledge to keep track of all...